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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Since my last posting - I have been busy learning Fair Isle. Just to inform the interested public: I LOVE doing it!

Below, you will find a picture of my completed
Bea Ellis Hat!
The pattern is well written. I highly recommend her kits - both the novice and the 'hard core' FI knitter will love them.

As you know - dogs are an important part of my life. So, as you can see - I chose "The Dog" hat. (BTW: please click
HERE for homeless pets. My Motu & Diesel say "Woof!" - thank you! )

Isn't this a GREAT hat?? Comments, please!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Just so you know - I have completed my first Fair Isle project.

Yes - I am excited! Yes - I am thinking that I am pretty cool!

Of course, certain swear words were yelled across the den as my husband tried to talk to me. Of course, my shoulders ached for a full 24 hours as I was gripping the yarn tightly - as if my life depended upon those 2 thin strands. Proper floats are important, you know!

But, I did it and I am proud. Now my friend, Pamela, is suggesting that a Jack Frost Jacket by Lucinda Guy (scroll down here a wee bit) is in order for the Yarn Harlot's Olympic Challenge. I am feeling a wee bit faint. I guess it is the same feeling I would get if I were a member of the US Skeleton Team. You know the feeling of sledding down an icy slope at 100+ mph, FACE FIRST?

I should let you know, that I do love this little jacket. Since I don't have kids - off to a charity it would go upon completion. But, is it to ambitious?? Hmmm???

Oh - you want to see the Fair Isle I did?? - Remember: no laughing allowed. Olympic athletes take their training seriously. :) Comments, please!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Weather in New England is nuts! .... We went from almost 60 degrees to 8 in the span of 48 hours. With howling winds, pouring rain and a wee bit of snow - fiber was the word of the weekend! (OK - football was right up there too - but with the Patriots loss - sigh ... )

Cold temps and weekends set the scene as a grand playground for wool!

My friend Stasia doesn't live in NE - but her chilly temps sparked a wonderful scarf. (I am boasting a wee bit as I painted the yarn!) I am *really* thinking I need a Rigid Heddle Loom now - her art piece is simply amazing!

My friend Pamela has been busy doing vests for the CIC . Aren't they wonderful??

Me? Well ... I finished my 39th hat for Dulaan. AND - I have decided to change my goal just a tad. I am getting BORED doing hats ... so my challenge has become "100 Woolies." This way, I can do scarves or mittens or vests or sox. I just don't like being bored.

I also spun some wonderful romney from a sheepie named "Handsome". His fleece is glorious. I am pretty sure these will see the dye pots .... but right now, I just like looking at 15 oz of woolie bliss. Look at that luster! Comments, please!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I have been BloG hopping! I love reading BloGs and find the amount of talent in the world is incredible to say the least. The amount of spinning and knitting some folks do is nothing short of amazing.

I am not one to usually suffer from completion issues - I find I don't have the room in the studio (or the house for that matter) to leave tons of UFOs lying around. DH is good about the bags of fleece (currently 36 in in-house inventory, 3 still at the processors and 4 ready to go!) - but I dread to think of what would happen if he sits on a knitting needle unawares.

Since we are 10 days into the New Year - I have found myself already uttering "If I only had more time". I admire those knitters who can create a whole fair isle - Dale - type sweater in a 2 day time span! Well, God isn't going to add 3 hours onto a 24 day for me ... so I must pull myself up by worsted weight and deal.

Little snippets of time do add up. My spindle usually travels with me - as well as an 'in progress' hat or sox. My
Stasia #33 Spindle is full with singles ready to be plied. This was done at work yesterday ... and my 38th Dulaan hat was created from a skein that I wheel spun and tucked into a vat of dye while doing some "Kitchen Sinks". See, snippets of time?? I have used almost 7 pounds of stash to create these hats - YiPpEE!

Which is a 'good thing' - given the fact that this wool & chiengora blend from Firefly Fields just found it's way to my doorstep!
Time management is important .... I can't do everything! :) Comments, please!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My first post of 2006!! I am hoping that this year will be one of gentle walking & talking amongst my fellow beings upon the Earth.

I am also hoping that it will a year complete with Finished Objects! So far - 35 hats have been completed for Dulaan 2006! I am pretty darn excited - but I still have a long way to go!

I am also hoping that 2006 will be a year of Creativity! I will try to venture down the Fair Isle road ... Thank you Nanette for being such a great resource. If you would like to venture down the Fair Isle road with me ... Nanette's Ebooks are FAB!! (Please check her BloG for ordering info!!) The proceeds go to rabbit rescue ... how wonderful is that?? (BTW - could you help more animals by clicking HERE - thanks!

And speaking of being creative .... check out my latest creations!! The Knotty Sheep is always open for business!!

I hope that while you are making your resolutions for '06 - pen in some creative time for YOU .... it does a body good! Comments, please!