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Friday, January 20, 2006

Just so you know - I have completed my first Fair Isle project.

Yes - I am excited! Yes - I am thinking that I am pretty cool!

Of course, certain swear words were yelled across the den as my husband tried to talk to me. Of course, my shoulders ached for a full 24 hours as I was gripping the yarn tightly - as if my life depended upon those 2 thin strands. Proper floats are important, you know!

But, I did it and I am proud. Now my friend, Pamela, is suggesting that a Jack Frost Jacket by Lucinda Guy (scroll down here a wee bit) is in order for the Yarn Harlot's Olympic Challenge. I am feeling a wee bit faint. I guess it is the same feeling I would get if I were a member of the US Skeleton Team. You know the feeling of sledding down an icy slope at 100+ mph, FACE FIRST?

I should let you know, that I do love this little jacket. Since I don't have kids - off to a charity it would go upon completion. But, is it to ambitious?? Hmmm???

Oh - you want to see the Fair Isle I did?? - Remember: no laughing allowed. Olympic athletes take their training seriously. :) Comments, please!

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Melanie said...

WooHooo! Go Kary! That jacket makes me woozy just looking at it! It probably has steeks too! I've got to go lie down now.