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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I have been BloG hopping! I love reading BloGs and find the amount of talent in the world is incredible to say the least. The amount of spinning and knitting some folks do is nothing short of amazing.

I am not one to usually suffer from completion issues - I find I don't have the room in the studio (or the house for that matter) to leave tons of UFOs lying around. DH is good about the bags of fleece (currently 36 in in-house inventory, 3 still at the processors and 4 ready to go!) - but I dread to think of what would happen if he sits on a knitting needle unawares.

Since we are 10 days into the New Year - I have found myself already uttering "If I only had more time". I admire those knitters who can create a whole fair isle - Dale - type sweater in a 2 day time span! Well, God isn't going to add 3 hours onto a 24 day for me ... so I must pull myself up by worsted weight and deal.

Little snippets of time do add up. My spindle usually travels with me - as well as an 'in progress' hat or sox. My
Stasia #33 Spindle is full with singles ready to be plied. This was done at work yesterday ... and my 38th Dulaan hat was created from a skein that I wheel spun and tucked into a vat of dye while doing some "Kitchen Sinks". See, snippets of time?? I have used almost 7 pounds of stash to create these hats - YiPpEE!

Which is a 'good thing' - given the fact that this wool & chiengora blend from Firefly Fields just found it's way to my doorstep!
Time management is important .... I can't do everything! :) Comments, please!


Pamela said...

Knitting a sweater in 2 days is indeed impressive. BUT knitting 38 hats for Dulaan is even more impressive, even if it did take more than 2 days.

Lisa said...

That's the way I have been spinning lately - 15 minutes here and there. Better than nothing and I actually do get something done.