The Knotty Sheep Shop

Monday, June 22, 2009

Time to save ....

The weather here has been very "Seattle-like". Not really my choice of definition, that was the synopsis provide by the national news: we, in New England have the Pacific Northwest's weather & they have ours. I am not used to so much rain.

Jet stream? Global Warming? Not enough trees? I do know the reason ... but at least I know I can lend a hand.

If you haven't joined Everywun, please do! Everywun is an on-line community trying to make the world a little bit better: one book, one meal, one tree, one animal cared for, at a time. The cool thing is ... it is free! I have learned so much playing their trivia AND reading their newsletters! Isn't it great that we can all be Super Heroes so easily?

In the midst of weather chaos - the sun did manage to pop out briefly on Saturday. (I had heard it was due to one front moving out & another moving in.) I rushed to get the JOYness (Ashford JOY wheel) onto the deck and grabbed a bag of roving. In my haste ... I took one that I had been procrastinating a while over. This wool was full of VM!

What the heck! I was looking for a challenge. Lucky for me, my trusty tweezers were right beside me. Spin & pick. Pick & spin. It went like this for a while, and I am pretty pleased with the results!

I managed to complete 3 skeins. All of which are drying (HA! - in THIS weather?) now. I love the way this cormo/montadale wool has spun up. I can't wait to photograph them.

Should I mention this little sheepie's name is "Escape Artist?" Sigh ....

Yes - everyday is a great day to help save the world AND save the wool!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

8 weeks .... yesterday!

Yesterday was a milestone of sorts! Jaeger has been living with us for exactly 8 weeks AND it was also the first day that he didn't have to wear a bandage or a piece of clothing to cover his surgical site (which now resembles a belly-button in between his shoulders.)

It has been both a tiring experience & one of great bonding. He had the pleasure of running - totally free range - in our fenced in back yard last night to celebrate. That dog was both smiling & soaring. There were times when all four of his feet were in mid-air. Now ... that is JoY!

All this reminds me of how much work we pet lovers need to do to help animals. I shutter when I think of what might have happened to Jaeger if someone had not taken the time to rescue him so we could find each other. Thanks so much Loving Paws Rescue!

Thus far, in 2009, I have raised over $73.00 for PittieLove Rescue. It is good - but not good enough ......

So ... back to carding wool I went! Pawprints Dance on My Heart is my latest creation. Wool from a BFL/shetland x, dyed a light shade of chestnut & then blended with handpainted tussah silk & angelina - is fabulous!!

Please remember - 10% of my sales go to helping these misunderstood dogs find good, forever homes!

And Jaeger .... well - he is resting up for some more free-range activities tonight!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still busy ....

These posts are getting few & far between! I am really trying to change that. I had high hopes that things would settle down, but, I am truly facing the facts: I am one busy woman!

My free time exists when I plunk myself down on the couch after dinner ... at that point, I breathe. There is nothing I like more than to relax after a busy day, with my dog close by. It is truly a little piece of heaven.

I have come to realize I don't mind being busy. I always thought that I did. Imagine that! Suffice to say, when it is time to stretch out on said couch - I usually fall asleep. It is all good - I am sleeping wonderfully at night too!

The garden is planted. Here it is, a week ago, in all it's glory! I hope to keep you updated during the growing season.

As you can see, my compost bin is handy. The wire 'wrap' around the plants is actually 'hardware cloth' that I cut to suit my needs. Suffice to say we have a bunny problem. Ugh ... they are cute, but destructive! Hopefully, without a garden to nibble on, they will move to my surrounding neighbors ... sorry guys!

Jaeger is getting better. Today, he is totally naked! The first time since 5/15! He is not wearing a shirt or even one bandage! What a trip this has been. I am so happy that he is healing well. Looks like he will have some scar tissue around his incision - c'est la vie. He is still a cutie pie with a Spirit that truly soars! I am so glad that we found you!

Well, looks to be another busy day! It is all good - I am not one for being bored!