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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still busy ....

These posts are getting few & far between! I am really trying to change that. I had high hopes that things would settle down, but, I am truly facing the facts: I am one busy woman!

My free time exists when I plunk myself down on the couch after dinner ... at that point, I breathe. There is nothing I like more than to relax after a busy day, with my dog close by. It is truly a little piece of heaven.

I have come to realize I don't mind being busy. I always thought that I did. Imagine that! Suffice to say, when it is time to stretch out on said couch - I usually fall asleep. It is all good - I am sleeping wonderfully at night too!

The garden is planted. Here it is, a week ago, in all it's glory! I hope to keep you updated during the growing season.

As you can see, my compost bin is handy. The wire 'wrap' around the plants is actually 'hardware cloth' that I cut to suit my needs. Suffice to say we have a bunny problem. Ugh ... they are cute, but destructive! Hopefully, without a garden to nibble on, they will move to my surrounding neighbors ... sorry guys!

Jaeger is getting better. Today, he is totally naked! The first time since 5/15! He is not wearing a shirt or even one bandage! What a trip this has been. I am so happy that he is healing well. Looks like he will have some scar tissue around his incision - c'est la vie. He is still a cutie pie with a Spirit that truly soars! I am so glad that we found you!

Well, looks to be another busy day! It is all good - I am not one for being bored!

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