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Monday, June 22, 2009

Time to save ....

The weather here has been very "Seattle-like". Not really my choice of definition, that was the synopsis provide by the national news: we, in New England have the Pacific Northwest's weather & they have ours. I am not used to so much rain.

Jet stream? Global Warming? Not enough trees? I do know the reason ... but at least I know I can lend a hand.

If you haven't joined Everywun, please do! Everywun is an on-line community trying to make the world a little bit better: one book, one meal, one tree, one animal cared for, at a time. The cool thing is ... it is free! I have learned so much playing their trivia AND reading their newsletters! Isn't it great that we can all be Super Heroes so easily?

In the midst of weather chaos - the sun did manage to pop out briefly on Saturday. (I had heard it was due to one front moving out & another moving in.) I rushed to get the JOYness (Ashford JOY wheel) onto the deck and grabbed a bag of roving. In my haste ... I took one that I had been procrastinating a while over. This wool was full of VM!

What the heck! I was looking for a challenge. Lucky for me, my trusty tweezers were right beside me. Spin & pick. Pick & spin. It went like this for a while, and I am pretty pleased with the results!

I managed to complete 3 skeins. All of which are drying (HA! - in THIS weather?) now. I love the way this cormo/montadale wool has spun up. I can't wait to photograph them.

Should I mention this little sheepie's name is "Escape Artist?" Sigh ....

Yes - everyday is a great day to help save the world AND save the wool!

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Mishkat said...

It's been "Seattle-like" here too, but looks like we'll have sun for a while. (My husband is actually from Seattle, and he says it doesn't rain this much here in the summer.) Very pretty wool!