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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Thanksgiving Holiday was full of family, fun and turkey! Knitting too! I finished up my 15th hat for Dulaan. In thinking about the 85 more ... it is a wee bit overwhelming, but, I breathe and think about all the warmth I will be providing for those who need it most. I have used over 3 POUNDS of hand spun. Good thing too ... look what arrived on my doorstep!

Faith is a registered Navajo Churro sheepie!! Soft is not the word one usually uses when describing Churro, but, Faith is just that! Methinks I am in love!

Since it is Cyber-shopping Monday how about a little Seaweed Stroll? (While 3 pounds of hand spun *may* seem like a lot ... I estimate that I have 30-40 pounds of wool in studio! - Still plenty to dYe and card!) ;)

(If you could .... please click HERE to help an animal in need. It is FREE!)
Comments .... please!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

HaPpY Thanksgiving to one and all. Even though it is a holiday typically celebrated in the US - we can all quiet our lives for a moment to give thanks to our High Power!

"Thank YOU"! (for family, for friends, for health, for animals, for food and warmth and shelter! AND the amazing first snow that is happening as I type!)

While realizing how truly blessed I am ... I have given myself a goal. (Actually, I prefer the word challenge as I always reward myself when I over come one!) My challenge??? To knit 100 hats for Dulaan prior to the collection date of July 2006. Now that it is in writing and posted to the Universe ... I must start knitting post haste!!

I don't know what I will reward myself with yet .... who has time to think of such things when I have hats to knit!!

(Quick side note: please click HERE to help the Animals for FREE!)

I would also like to take a moment to say a huge "THANK YOU" to my
Spindler Secret Pal! Just look at the wonderful hand spun merino that she spun just for me!! In red, white & blue .... YiPpEE SkiPpEE .... NE Patriots colors! (Not to worry SSP .... I will treasure these skeins for myself .... I am thinking 'scarf'!) And candy to too .... awesome!
HaPpY Thanksgiving to YOU! Commment .... please!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Heroes pass thru lives our lives daily - silently, without notice. We are BOMBarded with doom & gloom - that is what sells, that is what titillates. My hero for the week: Painesville (OH) Municipal Court Judge Michael A. Cicconetti. What a perfect sentence for an stupid, stupid person! Bravo, Judge Cicconetti!!

AND ... you know how I mentioned if I found a perfect 'gift' for the UP coming holidays I would pass the info to you?? Well, check out Native Energy! They fight global warming by keeping tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution out of the air. Peruse the website - you can even figure out your 'carbon footprint'. Buy a snazzy card for $15 and keep a whole TON of carbon dioxide out of the air. Woo-WHOO!

Finally, here are my 10 (thus far) hats for Dulaan. All are my handspun, some have a few snippets of commerical product in them, but, all in all ... they totally hand made! Does a soul good to help a fellow human! Comments, please!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I have just begun my 10th hat for The Dulaan Project. With each hat I complete - my DH says "Where is Mine?" Now, truth be told, he has never wanted anything I have knit before. No sox! No sweaters! No scarves! No mittens! But, these hats! .... He is enthralled with them!

Not that I mind. After all, I am using double stranded handspun, they are Xtra Xtra warm. So, in the quest of marital bliss (and a Christmas gift!) I have decided to knit DH a hat!

Not just any hat mind you - but one that contains my Motu's fur. I carded some of her coat into some wonderful, naturally black shetland/suffolk x. Notice the before and after pix .... I have 5 oz to play with. In reality, it is more black than the photo shows. Guess I went a little crazy with the flash! Comments .... please!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Today, in the US - It is Veteran's Day. Thank you to all the service men & women who have served and are still serving!! I admire you - you inspire me! I thank your families too - the difficulties their hearts bear daily is courageous to say the least.

I will knit today on another Dulaan hat, and my "Sweet Mary Jane". My mind will wander (as it always does) to the
Flickering Flames skirt . I am SO tempted .... but I am also in the mood to SPIN!!! Are you??The Wild Haired Fairy Wonder is looking for a good home! Comments, please!

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Winter Holidays are FAST approaching - and while I may not be the world's most patient shopper - I like to think of myself as a shopper with conscience!

So - in my cyber-meanderings - if I find something that just beckons me to stand up & take notice - I feel it is my consumer duty to inform you of same!! Heck, we all need to purchase (and donate) gifts - I guess it just makes more sense to me to purchase from a company who's capitalistic ideals also include dreams of making the world a wee bit better.

Today, I bring you Zimbawe Twin Dolls! For $15 US - you not only get an amazing gift made by a cooperative of mothers with disabled children - a child in need in Zimbabwe gets a doll too!

Ready, Set .... Shop!! Comments, please!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

FINIS! Yes ... I am finished with the Pocket Aran Shawl!! I will admit to loving it ... even though it will be sans pockets. It is not that I don't like the pockets, I just envision myself leaving a trail of chap sticks and tissues when I carelessly toss it over my shoulders. The color of the Peace Fleece used is "Buffalo Browniski" ... I used 7 skeins, but if I had chosen to do the pockets - 8 would have been needed.

Doesn't the scarf look marvy with it, too??

Now, onto other things .... like the Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan. Casted on last night in the "Vineyard" colorway. What a difference in yarn ... from worsted to lace! MoMMa Mia!!

In closing today, I would like to draw your attention to an animal abuse case in GA. The particulars can be found at the Petition Site and 500 signatures are wanted in order to throw the book at this individual. Animal cruelty needs to be enforced - so .... if you would be most kind - I will point you HERE!! Thanks! Comments .... please!