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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Thanksgiving Holiday was full of family, fun and turkey! Knitting too! I finished up my 15th hat for Dulaan. In thinking about the 85 more ... it is a wee bit overwhelming, but, I breathe and think about all the warmth I will be providing for those who need it most. I have used over 3 POUNDS of hand spun. Good thing too ... look what arrived on my doorstep!

Faith is a registered Navajo Churro sheepie!! Soft is not the word one usually uses when describing Churro, but, Faith is just that! Methinks I am in love!

Since it is Cyber-shopping Monday how about a little Seaweed Stroll? (While 3 pounds of hand spun *may* seem like a lot ... I estimate that I have 30-40 pounds of wool in studio! - Still plenty to dYe and card!) ;)

(If you could .... please click HERE to help an animal in need. It is FREE!)
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