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Friday, December 02, 2005

To start off this message - I ask that you CLICK to help the animals!! Thanks!

Now for the post!! December is here!! I am excited as I LOVE Christmas! Over the last few years, I have been searching for ways to recapture that feeling of Christmas from childhood. After school, I would always check under the tree to see if MoM had added any new presents. I knew the location of each brightly wrapped box - and if there was movement (ie: more gifts added!) - I knew.

Since I am the one who now adds those brightly wrapped boxes .... I still know the locations to which they reside. This year, I will find mitten kits AND hat kits all in fair isle! I am still shopping .... WhEEE! ... and still searching for the *magic*!

I was HaPpY to learn that I was a winner in Christine's Thankful Contest! .... surprises are coming! YiPpEE!!

This week I happened to finish my 18th hat for Dulaan!! I am making all different sizes to accomodate all sized heads. Maybe if I conquer fair isle - I can do fancy mittens next year. But, I digress - this year is all about the HATS and I am loving using my handspun! Pictured is hat #18 with a freshly spun skein of romney wool and silk .... comments, please!


Melanie said...

I love the colors in that yarn! That just looks yummy!

Christine said...

Kary, that hat is just gorgeous! Your spinning and knitting skills are stunning!