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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Things have been hectic. After all Christmas is just around the corner - there is still much to do! But, how I love the excitement and anticipation!!!

With all the running to and fro - I am beginning to feel like I *might* not accomplish my goal of 100 hats for Dulaan!! I figured that I should do 3 a week (minimum) in order to make the shipping deadline. This week, I have only been able to complete one! MoMMa Mia ... may the hat gods be with me!!

At least I only have one more Christmas giftie to do. One of those 'fun fur' scarves for my niece ... other than that, DH's hat is finis! (Remember, I spun the black blend yarn out of our doggie's fur?? AND - speaking of doggie fur - if you would be so kind as to click HERE - it helps animals in need! ) Well - here is DH's new chapeau - Comments, please!

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Pamela said...

Boohoo, if you miss your target, but congratulations anyway - you accomplish more knitting than anyone I know.