The Knotty Sheep Shop

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Winter 2003 will certainly be remembered for a while. Here on the East Coast - between snow & rain - I am nothing short of soggy. I feel like a duck! Not going to complain TOO much as I am sure this will benefit us all this coming summer. Our water supply should be VERY adaquate. YAY for all those thirsty trees, flowers & vegetables. It is nice to think of warmer weather, of being/playing outside! Of dogs sleeping in the sunshine and birds singing in the trees. Yes, spring & summer will be here very soon. Today, I started spinning the yarn for the border of my sister's Christmas afghan. It will take some time amongst all the other things I want to do - but hey, least I started it!! I also finished my 16th pair of slippers for The Ship's Project !! We still could use all the help that we can get - so once again, feel free to join if you can. It is a great way for me to use my handspun AND what incentive to do MORE fiber shopping!! (Shopping is always more fun when it is for a good cause!). I will start another pair this week ... just in honor of the fact that I can!! TAG ME .... touche!

Monday, February 17, 2003

As I type this morning - I am looking out the window waiting patiently for the first flakes of THIS snowstorm to fall. I *think* this will be our 100th snow storm of the winter. Yes - that is an exaggeration, but it sure does feel like it. Spring is in 32 days and while I look forward to more sunshine and blooming flowers & birds singing - I will miss the peacefulness that a winter snow storm envelopes us in. Today will be a great day for pastels and fiber! Especially since my DH ran off with my Jeep - Ok. I admit - he has to work on this holiday & I don't! Some one has too, right??? But - in all fairness, I did get to post 3 new KLAUDETTES this weekend. One of which already sold and the other 2 have bids! Plus, there was a special order too!! So - I think I am earning my keep just fine!! If you could take a moment and help "The Ship's Project" - it would really be appreciated. The Project's website is involved in a competition - the more clicks it gets -the more exposure! Therefore, there is a greater chance to reach more people to knit / crochet for the US military. You can VOTE once a day! Just scroll down to until you see "The Ship's Project". Then click away.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Finally - after a month of sketching & planning - I released my first "Klaudette" of the year!! The item itself, is called The WOOL Room. It is a roomy satchel that can pretty much accomodate - well, a lot of your wool room! Spindles, needles, dpn's, pocket looms - all the FUN stuff!! Of course, roving, wool and hand cards (did I really say that??) fit nicely too - with room to spare!! Creativity comes in bursts for me. I find the more I create - the MORE creative I am. So - look out! I will be spinning and or knitting tonight. The temperatures are still VERY cold and it is nice to have my fingers running thru some fiber - it is very comforting in this wacky world. I hope that you continue your journey of creating your masterpieces. After all - you are the only one in the Universe who can create something from your heart & soul. Please don't deprive all of us of your glorious wonder! TAG ME ... you are it!

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Today - I mailed off my 15th pair of slippers for The Ships Project. I am excited about completing so many pair for such a worth while cause. I am REALLY even more excited as I have gotten several other people interested in the project! Word of mouth (AND email) is an invaluable resource. Yesterday - I actually used a spindle. It was the first time in a few days that I had spun anything. My time is being spent playing with my pastels & trying to learn French on my own. No easy task - I dare say! I have a tendency to 'flit' for one project to the next. I am not sure if this is more lack of concentration or focus. I will try to get better at both as I know it will help me in the long run. I hope you are having a productive week ... let me know!! I would love to soak up some creative energy from you! TAG ME ... touche!!

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Bonjour!! Suffice to say - I have had a lot going on in recent days. Knitting, spinning, reading "The Artist Way" and "Simple Abundance", plus drawing!! I finally finished my first pastel and thought I would share it with you here. I am not sure what to call it - a drawing or a painting - oh heck!! I will just call it a "masterpiece". (Can you tell that I am pretty proud??) I have been drawing for as long as I can remember - which is actually longer than I have been knitting. I do have an amazing teacher who I *think* brings out the best of my style. This is actually a Bosworth spindle. I liked to draw the 'roundness' of the whorl and their craftsmanship made my job EZ-PZ! Let me know what you think - I am looking forward to my new career of 'STAR-ving Artiste' !! TAG ME ... touche!!