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Saturday, February 15, 2003

Finally - after a month of sketching & planning - I released my first "Klaudette" of the year!! The item itself, is called The WOOL Room. It is a roomy satchel that can pretty much accomodate - well, a lot of your wool room! Spindles, needles, dpn's, pocket looms - all the FUN stuff!! Of course, roving, wool and hand cards (did I really say that??) fit nicely too - with room to spare!! Creativity comes in bursts for me. I find the more I create - the MORE creative I am. So - look out! I will be spinning and or knitting tonight. The temperatures are still VERY cold and it is nice to have my fingers running thru some fiber - it is very comforting in this wacky world. I hope that you continue your journey of creating your masterpieces. After all - you are the only one in the Universe who can create something from your heart & soul. Please don't deprive all of us of your glorious wonder! TAG ME ... you are it!

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