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Sunday, February 23, 2003

Winter 2003 will certainly be remembered for a while. Here on the East Coast - between snow & rain - I am nothing short of soggy. I feel like a duck! Not going to complain TOO much as I am sure this will benefit us all this coming summer. Our water supply should be VERY adaquate. YAY for all those thirsty trees, flowers & vegetables. It is nice to think of warmer weather, of being/playing outside! Of dogs sleeping in the sunshine and birds singing in the trees. Yes, spring & summer will be here very soon. Today, I started spinning the yarn for the border of my sister's Christmas afghan. It will take some time amongst all the other things I want to do - but hey, least I started it!! I also finished my 16th pair of slippers for The Ship's Project !! We still could use all the help that we can get - so once again, feel free to join if you can. It is a great way for me to use my handspun AND what incentive to do MORE fiber shopping!! (Shopping is always more fun when it is for a good cause!). I will start another pair this week ... just in honor of the fact that I can!! TAG ME .... touche!

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