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Sunday, March 02, 2003

This has been a 'spinning' week for me. I have worked diligently spinning 2 different grey wools and plying them together for my SIS's Christmas afghan. It is coming out quite wonderfully and freeing up some precious space in the stash bins. I also completed slipper pair # 17 for The Ship's Project . I am wondering if I can complete a personal goal of 50 at the end of this year. It would be a long shot as during the summer months - I don't tend to knit as much - but it is really a worthy cause. I will try my best! Speaking of best - for the months of January & February - I netted a cash goal of $35.00 for
Greyhound Friends, Inc.. This wonderful organization finds homes for retired greyhounds. I am willingly making this donation as I was 'paying myself' for not eating between meals, having 'A' glass of wine with dinner and exercising. I am pretty happy with this accomplishment. AND - I have also posted my lastest masterpiece!! I had to put it on my
Klaudette Home Page as I have yet to figure out how to shrink photos with the new programs installed on my computer. Heck, at least I could put the photo there! Let me know what you think!! TAG ME ...touche!

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