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Sunday, March 09, 2003

Sunday. A day of rest and relaxation. Today, I felt like a slug. I feel like I accomplished ZERO! ZILCH! NA-DA! I did do some spinning and some knitting - but nothing overly taxing or creative. I find that when I am not engaged creatively - I am LAZY. I dislike being like this as I feel time is a precious commodity that is all to often wasted. Don't get me wrong - I also cooked, cleaned & did laundry - but I still feel LAZY. The sun was out today and I got to spend some time outside with the dogs in the sunshine. I was hoping that spurt of sunshine would do me good - I am surprised I wasn't more energized after the fact. Tonight, I will ask God to keep me on the creative path. When I deviate from the path, along with laziness comes stress eating - both of which are such big factors in an unhealthy life style. My friend STASIA asked me what kind of pastels I own. I thought I would answer here. Maybe if I talk about my pastels they will inspire me!! My inventory includes: a Sennelier half stick 20; a Schmincke half stick 30; Yarka Russian 185 full stick and a Conte 48 pastel pencil set. Quite an assortment of different textures & softness degrees. Sigh .... maybe I need to go play. TAG ME ... you are it!

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