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Monday, March 17, 2003

I have been busy trying to reduce the studio stash! It is So EZ to buy roving - and yet, I swear it takes a dog's age to reduce it to a skein. Skeins take up so little room in comparison to the unspun stuff. One of my goals is NOT to purchase anymore fiber until July 1. AND - another goal is to spin all the yarn for SIS's Christmas afghan by May 1. I have been spinning quite a bit on that - but find I get bored spinning 'natural sheepie colors' if I don't take a break from them every once in a while with a blast of color. Recently, my friend
STASIAplaced an order from
TREETOPS and she included my order with hers. Even though this order came all the way from Australia - I can't believe how quickly it arrived. I purchased 2 colorways: Vintage Port and Mango Tango. The Mango Tango reminded me of my bird Kiwi. Once again - I don't have the particular computer thingie I need to show you it! Sigh ....... but soon as I am able - I will! TAG ME ... you are it!

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