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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Today is Ash Wednesday - and like some who recognize this day - I try to 'give up or do' something good for the season of Lent. Yes, I try to be a nicer a person, eat less, etc - but this year I have decided to give up clutter! You know how HARD this will be for me?? I have piles on top of piles and even though I can 'usually' locate anything I am looking for - it is time to let some stuff go! My husband is equally as bad and when you live in a small house, amongst fibers & art supplies - space is always at a premium. So - by the time Easter rolls around - I hope to be in great shape. Now, for those of you who give up chocolate - beware!! I have found some truly magnificent ORGANIC chocolate!! Green & Black's Chocolate is located in England. I had seen this confection in an organic catalogue and well, I lusted after it. But, while shopping locally, I noticed that they carried it! WOO-WHOO!! I purchase a bar of the white chocolate and may I say "YuM"!! So - if you are rethinking your 'lenten' offering - clutter is really the best way to go!! TAG ME ... you are it!!

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