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Monday, December 29, 2008

One scarf finis!

Christmas has already become a wonderful memory. The tree is still up - and it will be so for a while. I am just not ready to say 'good bye' to such a wonderful time of year.

I like the New Year too. Not the whole "Eve" thing ... DH & I will be staying at home without all the fanfare of this one night. The only thing a like about this holiday is that it reaffirms 'new beginnings'. That it is absolutely 'ok' to start over.

This weekend, I created a few things! One is the red, white & blue scarf from yarn I received from "Berti". I love the way the colors have randomly created *the* most unique pattern. ( Great job, Berti & thank you! ... I still have 2 more skeins!) Being that it is Patriotic in nature - I will be gifting it to a friend who's son is in Iraq.

I also managed to card up "I Met an Angel at Breakfast!" This is one celestial colorway. I am thinking *this* would make a glorious scarf too!!

I have much to do this coming year ... more carding! More knitting! More charity stuff and, actually, more living! Life is to short not to celebrate daily! N~joY!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas EVE

How I adore Christmas Eve!

As a child, the anticipation of the following day was a heart-stopper! As an adult, without children, I have been trying to recreate the magic. I am not quite there, yet, but I will be - hopefully next year.

I have extremely high hopes for the coming year. While it is easy to say I wish for 'world peace' and the 'end of hunger/disease' and a kindler & gentler Universe - I understand that *I* have to be more at peace. That *I* have to do my part to end hunger/disease AND that *I* must be kinder & gentler to all living things.

These tasks will not come easy - but they are tasks that I will *really* try to achieve.

Recently, I found this beautiful stashed handspun that I received from "Berti" in a Spindler's Secret Santa Swap from 2005. Berti, if you are out there ... this stuff is SO soft - and the red/white & blue colors are striking quite a pose on the scarf I am making with 2 of the skeins sent.

Obviously, more photos to come!

As I contemplate the year passed as I celebrate JOYously (yet responsibly!) over the next few days ... I also look forward to the anticipation of 2009. The coming year is sure to be a heart stopper too! HaPpY Christmas EVE!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The First Snow

It seems a little strange to post about snow & not show photos. I will save that for a later date ...... seems we will move beyond the 8" we received yesterday afternoon as early as tomorrow.

I don't mind. This day is being spent seeing Diesel having a blast in the snow ... and then retiring near the wood stove.

It is a day to wrap gifts while listening to familiar Christmas songs. It is a day that I will prepare a small turkey dinner for me & hubby ... to eat it in the dining room, on 'the good stuff' - just because today is a JOY!

This is part of the magic of the season!

It is also a day to knit & spin. Recently, it was MINUS 20 degrees on the reservation of the Cheyenne River Sioux, South Dakota. Both school & work were closed as the wind chills made the temps even more frosty!! Yes, I must knit faster for Macuwita sni - warm wool items are so needed this time of year!!

But, I will also take time to do some spinning in front of the wood stove too (move over Diesel!) I love the rhythm that the wheel produces - and with the warmth of the stove, it brings me to a simpler time. I love that!
My latest creation: Christmas Trees in January! After the snows of this weekend, I think the trees will be covered with snow for quite some time! WhEEEEEE!

Monday, December 15, 2008

10 days til' Christmas

The fact that we are 10 days from Christmas is ..... WOW!

My tree is up and the music is playing. Lights are blinking and the woodstove is roaring. The Spirit of the Season is here .... it is a time to share & love. It is time to give more than we can ever dream of receiving.

My scarf for "The Giving Tree" has been finished a placed under the Church tree. I am glad that it will warm someone soon.

I immediately casted on another for the Cheyenne River Sioux. Macuwita sni is warming many a resident on the Rez!

Also, this year, many of my gifts will be donations to causes & charities. Most of the people I buy for need absolutely nothing. I hope they don't mind if the fist full of dollars I usually relegate for them - goes to an animal in need. A few of my favorites:
German Shepherd Rescue League of NE; Pittie Love Rescue; The Elephant Sanctuary; and Greyhound Friends. And trust me - there are many others organizations who could use donations too.

I look forward to giving & sharing this Christmas!! In fact, I hope that over the course of this coming year - I can give my most precious gift .... a gift of time. There are people to visit, neighbors who need assistance, and animals who need love. There are strangers who need a kind word & a hot meal. Yes ... Christmas is a time give ... I do hope to keep Christmas in my heart all year long!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Catching up with Christmas

One of the things I love most about this season is all the fun mail one gets: richly colored Christmas cards, cheery holiday notes, on line purchases delivered by the UPS man & fabulous surprises from loved ones. I do love happy mail!

One of the things I always do - is save my Christmas cards from one year to the next. After I review the previous year's collection - I cut them to make *this* season's Christmas tags! Ah ... recycling at it's best!

Here are some prior to cutting:

Here is some examples after they had their snips:

Fun, easy, good for the environment & a nice project to keep the kids busy (if you trust them with scissors!)

Moving on to 'fun mail' .... my ornament project for an Etsy BBEST team pal is finally done. This sheepie is totally free standing ... I used wool from a real sheepie named "Maude". Of course her little red & green scarf was handspun by moi!!

(Shhhh .... this Christmas sheepie is going into the mail tomorrow ....WhEEEE! I hope my pal loves her!)

Friday, December 05, 2008

Slow & Steady

Christmas is in 20 days! I am just SO EXCITED! Soon - my tree will be UP - but until then, I feast my eyes on the corner of my dining room table. Who can resist a very large Santa??

As an adult, there is no other time of year that one can just be JOYous & giddy without the folks in the white coats being called in. I am *that* delighted that it *is* Christmas!

Sure, the economy is tough - sales are down everywhere. My "day job" is still in existence and I am grateful for that. I am also coming to realize 2009 will most likely steer me down a new path. While a tad fearful - I do trust myself to always use common sense. Got to love a new adventure!!!

Anyway - this past weekend - I selected a card off the "Giving Tree" at Church. Naturally, my eyes quickly focused on a card that read 'woman's scarf.' Once home, I climbed the Stash Mountain to see what I could find.

Interestingly - I found a hank of lace weight merino that I dyEd as well as an 'eyelashy' wonder. They will make for a fun yet functional beauty! Yes - I am aware that I now have limited time to create it ... but I also know that maybe, just maybe - this might be the only gift that this person receives. I am honored & blessed to think that my handiwork will be worn on Christmas Day.

Well - off to knit. Did I mention Christmas is in 20 days?? HO HO HO!