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Monday, December 15, 2008

10 days til' Christmas

The fact that we are 10 days from Christmas is ..... WOW!

My tree is up and the music is playing. Lights are blinking and the woodstove is roaring. The Spirit of the Season is here .... it is a time to share & love. It is time to give more than we can ever dream of receiving.

My scarf for "The Giving Tree" has been finished a placed under the Church tree. I am glad that it will warm someone soon.

I immediately casted on another for the Cheyenne River Sioux. Macuwita sni is warming many a resident on the Rez!

Also, this year, many of my gifts will be donations to causes & charities. Most of the people I buy for need absolutely nothing. I hope they don't mind if the fist full of dollars I usually relegate for them - goes to an animal in need. A few of my favorites:
German Shepherd Rescue League of NE; Pittie Love Rescue; The Elephant Sanctuary; and Greyhound Friends. And trust me - there are many others organizations who could use donations too.

I look forward to giving & sharing this Christmas!! In fact, I hope that over the course of this coming year - I can give my most precious gift .... a gift of time. There are people to visit, neighbors who need assistance, and animals who need love. There are strangers who need a kind word & a hot meal. Yes ... Christmas is a time give ... I do hope to keep Christmas in my heart all year long!

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