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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The First Snow

It seems a little strange to post about snow & not show photos. I will save that for a later date ...... seems we will move beyond the 8" we received yesterday afternoon as early as tomorrow.

I don't mind. This day is being spent seeing Diesel having a blast in the snow ... and then retiring near the wood stove.

It is a day to wrap gifts while listening to familiar Christmas songs. It is a day that I will prepare a small turkey dinner for me & hubby ... to eat it in the dining room, on 'the good stuff' - just because today is a JOY!

This is part of the magic of the season!

It is also a day to knit & spin. Recently, it was MINUS 20 degrees on the reservation of the Cheyenne River Sioux, South Dakota. Both school & work were closed as the wind chills made the temps even more frosty!! Yes, I must knit faster for Macuwita sni - warm wool items are so needed this time of year!!

But, I will also take time to do some spinning in front of the wood stove too (move over Diesel!) I love the rhythm that the wheel produces - and with the warmth of the stove, it brings me to a simpler time. I love that!
My latest creation: Christmas Trees in January! After the snows of this weekend, I think the trees will be covered with snow for quite some time! WhEEEEEE!

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Stasia said...

There's snow on your blog! I like the Christmas colors you've decorated with!

What a lovely rug Diesel is relaxing on!!

And your new yarn is lovely.

Hope you are having a COZY day by the wood stove! I'm ready to park my bum on one of the electric radiators!!!

Snowing like crazy here... look for it in a couple of days...