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Monday, December 29, 2008

One scarf finis!

Christmas has already become a wonderful memory. The tree is still up - and it will be so for a while. I am just not ready to say 'good bye' to such a wonderful time of year.

I like the New Year too. Not the whole "Eve" thing ... DH & I will be staying at home without all the fanfare of this one night. The only thing a like about this holiday is that it reaffirms 'new beginnings'. That it is absolutely 'ok' to start over.

This weekend, I created a few things! One is the red, white & blue scarf from yarn I received from "Berti". I love the way the colors have randomly created *the* most unique pattern. ( Great job, Berti & thank you! ... I still have 2 more skeins!) Being that it is Patriotic in nature - I will be gifting it to a friend who's son is in Iraq.

I also managed to card up "I Met an Angel at Breakfast!" This is one celestial colorway. I am thinking *this* would make a glorious scarf too!!

I have much to do this coming year ... more carding! More knitting! More charity stuff and, actually, more living! Life is to short not to celebrate daily! N~joY!


Sixsisters said...

Great blog post Kary. I agree so much to do and
so much life to live. Here is to a great year !

Du Buh Du Designs said...

Happy New Year! The scarf is beautiful and I enjoyed reading about how excited you are about the new year and the creative things you will be making :)