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Monday, January 19, 2009

HaPpY 2009!

I truly can not believe that I have yet to post in 2009. YiKeS!

Well - onward & UPward I say. It is time to get busy & be productive. Creating is one of my top priorities this year. Since it is easy for me to get distracted I am truly trying to spin, knit & draw more. Sometimes it *is* very hard to get all of that in - with household chores, animal care, outside the house employment - but things are working out. The more I wrap myself around my priorities - the more I will get done.

Of course, I want to raise more $$ for Pittie Love Rescue this year. In 2008, the donation from The Knotty Sheep totaled $137. Not bad - but not great!

To my customers ... thank you SO much for your purchases!! In 2009 - look for even MORE goodies as I plan to 'knock your knitted sox' off! Hoo-RAY!

So - there is my incentive to DO MORE this year. I am accepting the challenge to get out there and show the world my WOOL-BLISS! Wish me luck! There have been many animals forced into shelters & unfortunately - on to the streets due to the foreclosure crisis. So - if you are feeling like you need a little wool-boost in your life .... how about some Green Beer with Foam!
Seriously, green beer isn't just for leprechauns anymore! WhEEE!


Sixsisters said...

All your work for the animals is inspiring. I hope I can
do more in the volunteer area this year.

Rose said...

I agree with Six! Your wools are so yummy looking. I plan to get some one of these days.

Mishkat said...

Yay - finally figured out the URL to follow your blog (I'm slow - it took me a while!). That yarn is lovely.