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Monday, January 26, 2009

I Have been spinning a storm

January is a month that most people don't seem to like. It is cold & quite dark, but I find it energizing!

I get much done during the winter months! One of the 'goals' for the New Year is to spin a ton of wool. I have been doing a pretty decent job of it too! I just added some new inventory to the shop ... Studio Samples!

These handspun beauties are comprised of those snippets that I find in the studio ... little bits that I have savored; colors that I have loved; special fleeces that I have hugged!! Yep - I love these fun skeins .... I think they are so pretty!

Of course, since January is coming to a close, Diesel is still hoping that you will
for him in the Humane Society's Photo Contest. (His grandmother just did tonight!!) He is pretty happy about being in the contest - but a little anxious too - he would like more votes and is pulling out the cuteness to get them!

When you make a contribution in the voting process - you are helping the Humane Society lessen pet overpopulation with the all important 'spay & neuters'. Contributions are tax deductible too!! (US residents!!)

Vote for Diesel! Vote for Diesel! February is Spay & Neuter Month!!


Mishkat said...

That yarn is beautiful - and I love the photo of Diesel. (I wish I got energized by cold weather - I tend to feel the opposite way).

ZudaGay said...

Lovely yarns, Kary!! I always want to touch them.

Good luck Diesel!! You are the cutest!!!