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Friday, January 23, 2009

Diesel's Birthday

Yesterday, January 22 - my Diesel-dog turned 11!

Yes - it does seem like yesterday that he was just a wee pup!! All that has changed - my love for him has too. Just like his size - my love has GROWN!

I figure the best way to honor him is to help other dogs. February is "Spay & Neuter" month. With shelters splitting at the seams due to over crowding, maybe if we control the over population problem - things just might get a little better!
Diesel, himself, was actually born in a shelter to a full-blooded
rotti mom. She delivered 9 pups, 7 survived.
My boy is a 103 pound lap dog ... he is my absolute world!!

With that in mind, my Diesel is in a HSUS photo contest to help raise $$ for spay & neuter!!

If you are so inclined ...Diesel & I would love to help raise money
for this worthy endeavor ... and well, if you could make a donation to
vote for Diesel's cuteness ... that would be FABulous!!

Check out his photo: (please type in my last name: miksis )


Isn't he the sweetest?? VOTE 4 DIESEL!!!


Mishkat said...

Happy Birthday, Diesel! That's a beautiful photo of you. Helping other animals is such a great way to celebrate your birthday - big thanks to you and your mom!

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday, Diesel! kisses from Celeste...