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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Swan Kissed Sun

I love the fact that day by day the colors of the Earth are changing. Spring does that - it is her job to brighten our days.

I am finding that colors are usurping my dye pots. How can they not?? The Sun shines longer & brighter these days ... the crocus have been waving at me for a bit and the robins play - looking for juicy somethings that have survived under the thin layer of frozen soil. Life is good!!

Swan Kissed Sun has a pale beauty that I love this time of year. Something gently pleasing that gets one's eye ready for the full force of Nature's springtime beauty.

I suppose Spring's arrival will not be today ... when I awoke - it was 18 degrees F! Did I mention that "Swan Kissed Sun" could be spun to make a nice pair of mittens??

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Where are the daffodils??

I don't know about you, but the weather here is nuts! One day, up in the 60's ... the next 20's .... some snow, some rain, some sun. It *is* New England - is anything goes this time of year ... but, it is nutty all the same.

Some small crocuses have poked their wee heads to greet Spring with a smile. Haven't seen a daffodil (out side of market vases) as of yet - so, I created my own!!

Frosted Daffodils is my entry for the Etsy for Animals April Challenge. We are thinking Spring while helping animals!!

If you are looking for daffodils too ... look no further than these babies!! 5% of my sales goes to Pittie Love Rescue !! I am totally GIDDY as The Knotty Sheep's total has just cracked the $90 mark!! Woo-WHOO!! So .... here is a wee bit of Spring for all you spinners!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

UGH - way busy!

I have never been good at being busy. I don't like the hectic pace ... I feel not only do I not have a chance to think - I really feel like I don't have a chance to breathe.

Work outside the studio has become an 'all day event'. I admit to liking the larger paycheck in this 'unappealing' US economy - but a price is always paid on the creative front. Playing Easter hostess with over night guests attached and you have a recipe for 'really busy'.

As of today - I hoping that things straighten out and I can return to my fun loving, creative self. I feel like I am breathing already!

Of couuse - there is nothing like a good shot of color to get those creative juices flowing!! I did manage to work on more wee skeins - why dye eggs when you can dye yarn??

Did I mention that The Knotty Sheep will soon be in a Boston boutique? Well - more on that in a bit ... I must go breathe so I may create! WhEEEEEEE ..........

Monday, March 17, 2008

An Etsy Life

This past weekend, I took a look at my bedroom only to discover that most of my artworks & 'pretties' have been purchased from members of Etsy. That brings me incredible JOY to have someone's hard work; their talent; their God-given gift; present in my daily life. I celebrate each piece, knowing that a part of their grace has entered into my home.

I like selling my yarns & fibers there too. The Knotty Sheep had a banner weekend ... it was record breaking! For that, I am extremely grateful! $86.90 has been realized thus far, from sales, to donate to PittieLove Rescue - thank YOU dear customers ... I just tingle knowing that these funds will benefit dogs in need.

So many wonderful people on Etsy make up what Etsy is all about! Pam at Bags & More by Pam is one such person! She, like I and many others, are members of the BBEST team. We are very chatty AND recently, we had a goodie swap. Today, I received my swap gift from her ... and dear Pam - thank you!! It is a beautiful crocheted bag in red!! I love red!! Not only that, but as some of you know - I carry a small basket to work which houses a spindle ... Pam's bag HOLDS not only the basket & spindle & wool - but there is plenty of room for my notebook too. (Just in case I get a creative inspiration ... I can jot it down!) This bag is more than perfect as I have started to walk to work and now, I can carry my spindle basket easily. I LOVE IT!! AND thank YOU, Pam, for a most perfect gift!

Do visit Pam's store ... I think you need one of these hand crocheted, LINED bags too! Did I mention that it is perfect for carrying your knitting project too? WhEEEEEE!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Little Wee skeins!

I love little skeins. I have been known to take snippets of yarn, ply them, and have teeny-tiny wee skeins just an inch or two long. They are fun to make ... wonderful to view in a small vase ... but, difficult to put into skein form. Ah ... the challenges of the fiber arts!

I just finished a batch of what I call "Scrumble Skeins™" I love their colors and the fact that for short money - you can have a brilliant bouquet of hand spun lovelies is a delicious bonus! Perfect for stripes or weaving or freeform crochet ... they truly jump-start the Muse! What do you think of Lot #5? WhEEEEE!

Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! Comments, please!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The 'Gapish Scarf'

If you are like me ... you have 101 little balls of remnant yarn that sit in a collective basket just waiting for some love & attention. There isn't enough of any one color to do a whole hat or scarf. I think that is why 'stripes' were created. Call them whimsical, call them bold, call them trendy - I call them a necessity in the world of knitting.

Behold ... my 'Gapish Scarf' (think Big Store Chain) for Macuwita sni. It will take me some time to complete it as I decided that it needs a crocheted trim. I think that will tie everything together nice and neat. Not that it looks fragmented by any stretch of the imagination - but a crocheted edge would soften it as well as make it look 'UN-Gapish'. You know - like someone actually took the time to create a masterpiece and not some mass-produced piece of 'eeewwww' for "$$$ OUCH!"

I will keep you up to date of said "Gapish Scarf" and it's long journey to completion. That being said ... the kicker is - I don't crochet! Wish me luck!!