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Sunday, March 02, 2008

The 'Gapish Scarf'

If you are like me ... you have 101 little balls of remnant yarn that sit in a collective basket just waiting for some love & attention. There isn't enough of any one color to do a whole hat or scarf. I think that is why 'stripes' were created. Call them whimsical, call them bold, call them trendy - I call them a necessity in the world of knitting.

Behold ... my 'Gapish Scarf' (think Big Store Chain) for Macuwita sni. It will take me some time to complete it as I decided that it needs a crocheted trim. I think that will tie everything together nice and neat. Not that it looks fragmented by any stretch of the imagination - but a crocheted edge would soften it as well as make it look 'UN-Gapish'. You know - like someone actually took the time to create a masterpiece and not some mass-produced piece of 'eeewwww' for "$$$ OUCH!"

I will keep you up to date of said "Gapish Scarf" and it's long journey to completion. That being said ... the kicker is - I don't crochet! Wish me luck!!


Stasia said...

I was just going to say... you don't crochet!

Well, apparently it is time you learned!


Christine said...

if you need help with the "crochet", I'm just a phone call away.. it's not that hard and I am sure I can manage someway to show you what to do!

I know you can do it!! Have faith!

Kathleen said...

I like the colors of this scarf, even if it is a Gapish-looking one. Gosh, crocheting is so easy - if you can knit, you can certainly crochet!

KnitNana said...

Yes, indeed you *can* learn to crochet...pretty Gapish scarf!

thewildhare said...

I am with all the others posting comments - if you can spin and knit, you can crochet. It is the wonderful EASY fiber art! Let me know if you need some help, I have been known to give crochet coaching on the phone, so I could even try it in email.... And, I LOVE the colors of your scarf. It already looks good, and the crochet will just make it better!

Anonymous said...

I can't crochet either. Keep us posted on the scarf. It's lookin good :)