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Monday, March 17, 2008

An Etsy Life

This past weekend, I took a look at my bedroom only to discover that most of my artworks & 'pretties' have been purchased from members of Etsy. That brings me incredible JOY to have someone's hard work; their talent; their God-given gift; present in my daily life. I celebrate each piece, knowing that a part of their grace has entered into my home.

I like selling my yarns & fibers there too. The Knotty Sheep had a banner weekend ... it was record breaking! For that, I am extremely grateful! $86.90 has been realized thus far, from sales, to donate to PittieLove Rescue - thank YOU dear customers ... I just tingle knowing that these funds will benefit dogs in need.

So many wonderful people on Etsy make up what Etsy is all about! Pam at Bags & More by Pam is one such person! She, like I and many others, are members of the BBEST team. We are very chatty AND recently, we had a goodie swap. Today, I received my swap gift from her ... and dear Pam - thank you!! It is a beautiful crocheted bag in red!! I love red!! Not only that, but as some of you know - I carry a small basket to work which houses a spindle ... Pam's bag HOLDS not only the basket & spindle & wool - but there is plenty of room for my notebook too. (Just in case I get a creative inspiration ... I can jot it down!) This bag is more than perfect as I have started to walk to work and now, I can carry my spindle basket easily. I LOVE IT!! AND thank YOU, Pam, for a most perfect gift!

Do visit Pam's store ... I think you need one of these hand crocheted, LINED bags too! Did I mention that it is perfect for carrying your knitting project too? WhEEEEEE!


Pam said...

I hope this doesn't post twice! If so, it is a double thank you!!
I'm so glad that you like the bag and that it will be useful for you. Thanks so much for putting up the photo showing how you plan to use it! My pleasure to make it for you. Thank you for loving it!

Chauncey said...

Congrats Knotty, LOL, You sure didn't waste any time filling that puppy up!

Sixsisters said...

This is perfect for you. What a lovely swap gift.

Alis said...

How lovely is that! You lucky person you ;0)

Precious Quilts said...

It is a lovely bag!! You are one lucky wonderful person:)

Dove Knits said...

I am avoiding Etsy because I do not know the meaning of "enough." :)

Lovely, lovely bag.