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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

UGH - way busy!

I have never been good at being busy. I don't like the hectic pace ... I feel not only do I not have a chance to think - I really feel like I don't have a chance to breathe.

Work outside the studio has become an 'all day event'. I admit to liking the larger paycheck in this 'unappealing' US economy - but a price is always paid on the creative front. Playing Easter hostess with over night guests attached and you have a recipe for 'really busy'.

As of today - I hoping that things straighten out and I can return to my fun loving, creative self. I feel like I am breathing already!

Of couuse - there is nothing like a good shot of color to get those creative juices flowing!! I did manage to work on more wee skeins - why dye eggs when you can dye yarn??

Did I mention that The Knotty Sheep will soon be in a Boston boutique? Well - more on that in a bit ... I must go breathe so I may create! WhEEEEEEE ..........

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Kathleen said...

Kary! I opened the box the other day and LOVERS IN A ROSE GARDEN smiled back at me. I love the colors! More vibrant and "passionate" than the computer monitor showed me. Darker green, more brilliant pink and glitzier glitz than I thought! These batts are beautiful!