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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Gold Brocade grows!

I managed to get a bit of knitting done! It had nothing to do with the weather OR the fact that the Red Sox /World Series games stretched into the wee morning hours (the World Series that they WON - BTW!!) YAY - SOX!

I was able to complete so much knitting because I love watching the pattern develop on the Gold Brocade Christmas Stocking!! The Gold Brocade grows & I am enthralled with the process. Fair Isle is awesome ... I think we each have our niche in the knitting world - I suppose mine is FI. Perish the thought that I will have to do steeks..... sometime.

And just so you know - my spinning hasn't been tossed by the way side. I have been able to do both spinning & knitting at a pretty consistent level. Check out my latest endeavor: Scrumble Skeins .... WhEEEEEEEEE!

One thing of interest ... November is almost here & I must decide if I will do a 'painting a day'. The thought is intimidating .... I kid you not - but I have recently fallen in love with ACEOs. (Art cards, editions & Originals) which are 2.5" X 3.5" works of art. Pretty cool - don't you think??

Want to see my first purchased one? Then you must check out Kathy's BloG! Seriously, who would not have fallen in love with "Wild Baby Iris"?

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming & I, for one - am just SO excited.

We had our first frost last night which kind of 'seals the deal' - winter is coming too. I have toyed with the idea of pulling a fair isle sweater out the cedar chest to wear today ...I want to embrace the chill.

I don't think I am overly eager or weird. Growing up with cold & snow - I find the winter season to be one of comfort. Of family time & fireplaces! Of home cooked meals and home made mittens! Of course - the excitement of a future visit from Santa always made the cold, dark days & nights a little warmer.

Yesterday, I started the Gold Brocade Christmas Stocking. While only on row 17 - I am absolutely loving the rich color combination the Strikkegarn yarn is providing.

I didn't realize how much I missed doing fair isle .... It is supposed to rain tomorrow - wonder how much knitting I will get done this weekend? Tea & knitting, anyone??

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Lost Points Shawl is Finis!

The Lost Points Shawl is Finis!

I like it a lot more than I thought. Truth be told, while knitting, I didn't enjoy the process. Yes - some of it was my twisty, curly Q needle - but, the 'Melody' yarn gave me stress. It's 'laddering' invited mishaps when my mind strayed ... I didn't want to have to 'think' while knitting this piece and, well, concentration was key.

But - as I said - it is finished! Here it is ... in all of it's Glory! (I am thinking I will give it to the woman who cuts/styles my hair this Christmas. She is both fun & funky with short black spikey hair. Talk about a perfect match!!)

One present down ... many more to go!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In a Vortex

In a Vortex .... that is what happens when I am taken out of my routine. Work was extra busy last week, add to that what I guess some would call 'the flu' and well, I feel as though I am still swirling in circles.

It isn't *so* bad ... I mean, the Red Sox are in the World Series and I did manage to finish the "Lost Points Shawl" (photos hopefully tomorrow - it is blocking and well, it looks like crap on the beach towels I laid it upon as I wasn't overly confident that the running red dye wouldn't stain my bed ... ) Add to that the the 'Simple Pie Child's Vest' I knit for Charity is *the* photo of said vest in the Ravelry data base! I am just TICKLED about that!!!

Anywhoo - with all the swirling and twirling - I have been doing a lot of spinning. Heck, Diesel is pretty happy that he is involved!

I know ... to him, this spinning thing sure beats knitting!

I should be 100% soon ... I mean, I must start my Christmas Stockings!
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Knitting can be SCARY

Today - I am so very glad for spinning!

It is wonderfully relaxing. There is something about the rhythm of the wheel & the blending of colors as they fly through one's fingers. It is a truly magical experience - Case in point: Engraved Invitation. I love the way it looks against the black backdrop - so surreal yet with a hint of attitude!

Of course - knitting can be relaxing too. But, sometimes it is just plain scary ...

Need I say more?
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Monday, October 15, 2007

A new shawl was started this weekend

A new shawl was started this weekend! I am unsure as to if it will stay & live with me OR if it will begin its journey with someone else.

It is the Lost Points Shawl. The 2 different yarn textures are a radical couple. Novelty ladders hugging bamboo ... but, it is interesting!

I know there really isn't anything to see in this photo - but I more or less wanted to show you why I need to stop storing my circulars in their packages and get one of those hanging-circular-needle-things. Momma Mia - this needle has been mocking me since last Friday. I figure by the time the shawl is completed - it might not be a curly cue any more ... I wish!

I located a wonderful artist this past week .... need some inspiration - check out Rebecca Darlington. Her ART just blows me away!
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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Creativity in Motion

Creativity in Motion - yep - that is what I have begun calling my inspired moments!

The come at some very strange times - but who is to argue with the Muse? When she strikes ... her Spirit must be captured! Not to worry - she won't mind. Her energy source can never, ever be depleted. In fact - when her Spirit is held captive - she becomes stronger & stronger. How cool!

How am I being inspired? This may sound totally nuts - but I am cooking for Diesel! He is loving his steamed vegetables & cooked meats with his kibble. His coat is extra glossy and I am having a ball.

AND - check out these Christmas Stockings! Not only inspirational ... but "WOW"! Shame on Stasia for tempting me! Seriously, how can one throw COLOR & fair isle in front of my pretty eyes and NOT
expect them to gloss over in sheer delight? I had been thinking of
those Christmas stockings all day ... all night ... non-stop since my wide open orbs first processed their beauty! Suffice to say - a package will be arriving on my doorstep soon!

Creativity in Motion ... methinks this Mini Easel will be arriving soon too! Got to run ... Diesel is hungry!
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Creative Juices are flowing .....

The Creative Juices are flowing ..... how exciting!

There is so much I need & want to do. I honestly do not know which I value most at this moment - the 'need' or the 'want'. I know that we would all be happier if we could squeak in an extra hour (or 3) per day to fulfill the wishes of our Creative Muses - but, alas - I dare say, sometimes we can not seem to devote 30 minutes of our day to the things that gratify us the most.

Time to change people!

Grab those needles ... those pencils ... those paint brushes and even those cake & cookie pans! Creating should never, ever take a lengthy backseat to anything. I know this next statement is harsh ... but many a time we don't create because we make (gulp! gulp!) excuses. There, I said it!

I am a the Queen of Excuses and trust me, I can wear my Tiara proudly. No MORE!! The Tiara is off - but the Magic Wand is in hand .... I urge you to play TODAY. There is no time like the present to begin a Creative Journey!

Need sparks?? Well, I am revisiting the book Where
Women Create.
It is amazing to see where these featured artists work their magic!

You can do it .... Your Creative Muse needs to giggle .... Life is always better when you laugh!
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Monday, October 08, 2007

Vacations are a *good thing*!

Vacations are a *good thing*!

Even though I never travel far ... being at the Beach with loved ones does soothe the savage soul.

On a day to day basis, we get 'caught up' in the routine, the mundane. It is 'the same old, same old' - rarely does a new experience or 'refreshing breeze' pop into our lives. How can it? We are so busy with jobs, and kids, and pets, and bills and so on ... that a 'category 5' could hit us head on and we might not notice.

I didn't do anything great by "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" standards ... but it was great by my standards. I was able to watch my dog enjoy fragrant beach aromas ... I was able to watch DH have a ball wrestling with Blue Fish and I was able to stop doing the 'same old, same old' and to just BE ... to hear waves instead of traffic. To smell salt air instead of exhaust fumes. To appreciate the sea gulls diving at bait fish instead of picking up litter on my front lawn (left by those who insist throwing out trash from their car windows isn't littering!)

Of course - spinning & knitting were at the top of my list. Is there a better way to relax than to enjoy the fiber arts by the sea with either a glass of cab sav or sav blanc at my side? .... Nope - methinks not!

So, my JOYness got a work out:

So did a spindle or two:

And of course - the wee needles! Charity sox will hopefully be done this week:

Yes - vacations are a *good thing*. I am just hoping that I can parlay my thoughts & energies into new creations while forgoing the mundane - well, maybe after I pick up the lawn litter.
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