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Monday, October 15, 2007

A new shawl was started this weekend

A new shawl was started this weekend! I am unsure as to if it will stay & live with me OR if it will begin its journey with someone else.

It is the Lost Points Shawl. The 2 different yarn textures are a radical couple. Novelty ladders hugging bamboo ... but, it is interesting!

I know there really isn't anything to see in this photo - but I more or less wanted to show you why I need to stop storing my circulars in their packages and get one of those hanging-circular-needle-things. Momma Mia - this needle has been mocking me since last Friday. I figure by the time the shawl is completed - it might not be a curly cue any more ... I wish!

I located a wonderful artist this past week .... need some inspiration - check out Rebecca Darlington. Her ART just blows me away!
Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! Comments, please!


kathleen said...

Circular needles give me a hard time, too, and I have resorted to pitching them in a drawer to keep them under control. Wild things, aren't they? The shawl looks like it will be interesting, but I have to tell you that I like your own yarn better than the novelty stuff.

Dove Knits said...

Whoa! That yarn is crazy! How neat.

Circs are the bane of me, too.

Birdsong said...

My circs are out laying around all over the place, along with a gauge to check size when I need a pair... though organization wouldn't hurt anything:) Love the colors of your new shawl project.