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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Lost Points Shawl is Finis!

The Lost Points Shawl is Finis!

I like it a lot more than I thought. Truth be told, while knitting, I didn't enjoy the process. Yes - some of it was my twisty, curly Q needle - but, the 'Melody' yarn gave me stress. It's 'laddering' invited mishaps when my mind strayed ... I didn't want to have to 'think' while knitting this piece and, well, concentration was key.

But - as I said - it is finished! Here it is ... in all of it's Glory! (I am thinking I will give it to the woman who cuts/styles my hair this Christmas. She is both fun & funky with short black spikey hair. Talk about a perfect match!!)

One present down ... many more to go!

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