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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In a Vortex

In a Vortex .... that is what happens when I am taken out of my routine. Work was extra busy last week, add to that what I guess some would call 'the flu' and well, I feel as though I am still swirling in circles.

It isn't *so* bad ... I mean, the Red Sox are in the World Series and I did manage to finish the "Lost Points Shawl" (photos hopefully tomorrow - it is blocking and well, it looks like crap on the beach towels I laid it upon as I wasn't overly confident that the running red dye wouldn't stain my bed ... ) Add to that the the 'Simple Pie Child's Vest' I knit for Charity is *the* photo of said vest in the Ravelry data base! I am just TICKLED about that!!!

Anywhoo - with all the swirling and twirling - I have been doing a lot of spinning. Heck, Diesel is pretty happy that he is involved!

I know ... to him, this spinning thing sure beats knitting!

I should be 100% soon ... I mean, I must start my Christmas Stockings!
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