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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Feeling Blue?

I am feeling a little 'blue' of late. I recently changed my whole BloG template so others could get a 'feed'. My older, 'blue background', blog, had been in service for approximately seven years. Due to the advances in blogging - I figured these feed things would be easy. I was wrong or I *am* incompetent. I am going with the latter!

I still can't figure it out - and I have spent way to much time trying to get that orange "B" on the blogs that I read/follow.

It would be so '21st century' to see the updates on *my* blog as opposed to tabbing onto theirs. Call me old-fashioned, for now, that tabbing will have to suffice.

So, onward & upward. I can't sit on my bum all day trying to decipher codes I do not understand. This whole template, HTML stuff, has had me 'blue' long enough!

Sometimes we find inspiration in the weirdest places & situations!
"Patched Knees", handspun swalesdale yarn is the result!

What will inspire you today?

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I have been a busy sheep!

Ah - I have hot coffee in front of me & as I gaze out my kitchen window - the snow is falling once again. Yes - it must be Tuesday!

While complaining about the weather is fruitless - I have taken the last few weeks as opportunity to spin, spin, spin! Need I remind anyone that shearing season is right around the corner! I will admit that I have several fleeces flying to me ... including one of my favorites: a romney/montadale/suffolk x!

So - the wheel as been turning! I just finished these shetland skeins!

Notice the fine 'heathered' look of the dye process! I am pretty excited about it! This fleece was given to me - so all that I spin is destined for charity use. Karma: it is a great thing!

I have also spun & dyed a lovely churro skein too! I love churro and I do feel like this wool gets a 'bad rap'. I would not knit undies out of it (suffice to say, I will never knit undies at all - but, I digress!)... but depending on the fleece itself - it spins up to a lovely & sturdy yarn! Here it is in it's 'after dye bath':

I love being a busy little sheep! Don't know what today will bring, yet ... but I am betting on something wonderful!

Friday, February 04, 2011

It's Friday ... time to save $$$$

On the weekends, things slow down. It is "good" to distance ones self from the hectic pace that is 'the work week'. In this area, commutes can cause one's blood pressure to rise - just in anticipation!

So - The Knotty Sheep is offering a coupon sale! It is time to enjoy some handspun yarn!! The winter has been long - and I don't care what the ground hog says ... we are due for more snow and ice = winter is leaving anytime soon!

I hope you are feeling shoppie ... because this weekend's coupon is for 25% OFF everything in the shop. And the (not so secret code) is: 06074M

Be Knotty!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Chanel in the Storm

Living near Boston, I am no where near the tundra of Siberia. Images of Dr. Zhivago are popping up all around me. I seriously think that the snow has melted my brain. Boston averages approximately 43" of snow a season - the city is now over 70". Not that I take to much stock in the ground hog - but I am hearing Spring will arrive early.

Recently - while avoiding shoveling, I was perusing the forums on Ravelry - and someone posted, "What is your favorite smell?" OK - I'll bite, I mean - who wants to shovel?? I have seen 70" fall from the sky - I wasn't in a hurry!

My response: "Chanel #5". Growing up, it was my mom's signature scent. As Serendipity would have it ... I visited mom before the snow started to fly this week & look what I came home with:

Thought for the day: "Put it out into the Universe .... you just never know!"

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

More snow ... here we go ...

Living in New England all my Life - I am used to cold weather & snow. If Winter didn't have snow - it wasn't a real Winter!

If friends & neighbors complained about a few flakes - they were wimps! Seriously, MOVE if you are going to 'b*#!&' about snow covered trees & a few snowmen.

This Winter - all heck is breaking loose. I am pretty convinced that Al Gore has the Global Warming thing wrong (just kidding!) ... and imagine I will be seeing Santa & his reindeer going down my street at any moment! They will be the only ones who will be able to go to WalMart.

Since snow is predicted through Thursday - I thought a couple of snaps of my picnic table would give some perspective on what will be happening in the next 48 hours. Truth be told - I don't even think that the yard stick is touching the table - but it is in 'as far as it can go' without breaking it in two. So - Wish me luck. Wish me hot coffee. Wish me a good time running the snow blower. This will be memorable!