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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Chanel in the Storm

Living near Boston, I am no where near the tundra of Siberia. Images of Dr. Zhivago are popping up all around me. I seriously think that the snow has melted my brain. Boston averages approximately 43" of snow a season - the city is now over 70". Not that I take to much stock in the ground hog - but I am hearing Spring will arrive early.

Recently - while avoiding shoveling, I was perusing the forums on Ravelry - and someone posted, "What is your favorite smell?" OK - I'll bite, I mean - who wants to shovel?? I have seen 70" fall from the sky - I wasn't in a hurry!

My response: "Chanel #5". Growing up, it was my mom's signature scent. As Serendipity would have it ... I visited mom before the snow started to fly this week & look what I came home with:

Thought for the day: "Put it out into the Universe .... you just never know!"

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