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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I have been a busy sheep!

Ah - I have hot coffee in front of me & as I gaze out my kitchen window - the snow is falling once again. Yes - it must be Tuesday!

While complaining about the weather is fruitless - I have taken the last few weeks as opportunity to spin, spin, spin! Need I remind anyone that shearing season is right around the corner! I will admit that I have several fleeces flying to me ... including one of my favorites: a romney/montadale/suffolk x!

So - the wheel as been turning! I just finished these shetland skeins!

Notice the fine 'heathered' look of the dye process! I am pretty excited about it! This fleece was given to me - so all that I spin is destined for charity use. Karma: it is a great thing!

I have also spun & dyed a lovely churro skein too! I love churro and I do feel like this wool gets a 'bad rap'. I would not knit undies out of it (suffice to say, I will never knit undies at all - but, I digress!)... but depending on the fleece itself - it spins up to a lovely & sturdy yarn! Here it is in it's 'after dye bath':

I love being a busy little sheep! Don't know what today will bring, yet ... but I am betting on something wonderful!

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knittingdragonflies said...

How beautiful! I just started spinning again, so any eye candy helps!