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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

More snow ... here we go ...

Living in New England all my Life - I am used to cold weather & snow. If Winter didn't have snow - it wasn't a real Winter!

If friends & neighbors complained about a few flakes - they were wimps! Seriously, MOVE if you are going to 'b*#!&' about snow covered trees & a few snowmen.

This Winter - all heck is breaking loose. I am pretty convinced that Al Gore has the Global Warming thing wrong (just kidding!) ... and imagine I will be seeing Santa & his reindeer going down my street at any moment! They will be the only ones who will be able to go to WalMart.

Since snow is predicted through Thursday - I thought a couple of snaps of my picnic table would give some perspective on what will be happening in the next 48 hours. Truth be told - I don't even think that the yard stick is touching the table - but it is in 'as far as it can go' without breaking it in two. So - Wish me luck. Wish me hot coffee. Wish me a good time running the snow blower. This will be memorable!

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Kathleen said...

Hi Kary!
Ummm...I think the storm started with us...down in the 4 corners area...we didn't get much snow, but we have -47 deg F with wind chill.

See you on Facebook!