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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Facebook is my Friend

I have been enjoying Facebook lately! Not only is it a 'quick' tool to keep in touch with friends & relatives from near and far .... it is a great way to find homes for animals in need; a fabulous resource to recommend books, music & other artistic endeavors; and a GREAT way to market an Etsy shop! (OK - shameless plug!)

I have started The Knotty Sheep page. It will provide the shop's fan base with the latest inventory additions (right when they happen), sales ... and COUPON CODES! That is right - this weekend, (Jan. 29 & Jan. 30) ... I am offering 10% off *if* you know the coupon code. EZ PZ! More on said code in a bit!

I am trying to decide if I should list this Wensleydale skein. I *just* might as a second quality - the plying is wonky!

Seriously, how did *that* happen?

The Knotty Sheep would love to get YOU inspired this weekend! The current KNOTTY code is: 10314J

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