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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time to KREATE

Here I go: Making up for lost time. In these days of technology - I find myself with even less time than a decade ago. My extended family dynamic has changed; the house renovations continue & health issues have arisen. And while there are ipods, ipads, laptops, cell phones, smart phones and social networking sites: these things are draining instead of empowering.

Admittedly, I had an addiction to FarmVille - but, again, there just isn't enough minutes in a day. I need to spend time with my real-live dogs - not my virtual one! So ... it is time to regroup & reconsider what *is* important.

I think it is weird that reality shows have made celebrities out of (how do I put this politely?) - those individuals who haven't succeeded at anything except to *be* on reality TV. Sigh ...

So, I am back to knitting & spinning! More meditative endeavors - more time for *me*!
I am currently working on the Azani Shawl.

I have also been dYeing & spinning .... love the process of both! Watching color explode and wool being spun into yarn ... yes - these are both my reality! Check out my Frozen Rose Petals Considering the sub-zero temps & 50+ inches of snow this season ... nothing beats playing with wool!

In the coming days - shut out the noise and enjoy your reality!

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