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Monday, December 06, 2010

Ah .... Winter is coming!

I am one of those sick individuals who LOVE cold weather! Yes - I am blessed with a warm home & food; good winter clothes & lots of wool. I DO count my many blessings and thank the Good Lord for them all.

Seriously - this time of cold & dark - is my most favorite and most productive. I am an admitted 'homebody'. I don't feel the need to travel - after all, I have everything that I want/need *right here!*

That being said ... I planted two amaryllis the day before Thanksgiving. One is called "Alfresco" -the other, "Grand Diva." Mail order is wonderful as I purchased these babies from White Flower Farm - these bulbs had a circumference of (approx) 11"!

Stay tuned ... hopefully, we which watch them grow together!

Now, getting back to the homebody thing ... as yesterday was Sunday - it was spent watching football & spinning wool. I am currently spinning shetland and my goal is to have the whole bag spun *this WEEK!* Again, stay tuned .... I am using the JOYness as Moonshine still likes to 'get involved' with whatever I do. Suffice to say ... I think she finds my life pretty boring!

All good ... I just might be able to spin that big bag o'wool after all! WhEEE!

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Kathleen said...

Hi Kary! I'm glad you've blogged a little this month...I've missed you!

At work, we've just prepared the green house for winter gardening. Now to choose our seeds!

My spinning has slowed down due to the Christmas holiday, but the knitting continues fast and furious!