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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good night, Sweet Prince

For those who know me, my dog Diesel is one of *the* most important things in my Life. I am hesitant to give my dog *THE* Most Important title, as I do not want my husband to be offended. In reality, I think DH pretty much knows, my heart belongs to another man! ggg

It is with much sadness that I share with the world, that my Diesel-dog passed away very suddenly & unexpectedly yesterday. My heart is officially shattered.

He was 11 and was just due to start rehab for his hips, today, ... to keep him mobile & healthy. Being a big dog ... I knew he wasn't going to live another 10 years, but I cooked his food with human grade/organic ingredients, avoided pesticides around the house, gave him tons of love and a couple of beds for his comfort - all this in the hopes that he would gracefully die of old age. 11 wasn't & still isn't *old* to me.

The tumor on his spleen didn't care what I did ... it didn't care how much I loved him. All it did was cause internal bleeding which deteriorated his insides - slowly. I knew Easter Sunday he wasn't overly chipper ... but he sure perked up when the ham came out of the oven!

By Tuesday afternoon, he wasn't shadowing me anymore. His vet was called for an emergency visit and over 5 hours later, his Journey on this planet was beginning to end.

He stayed at the hospital over night to provide for his comfort until I could take him home the following morning. He peacefully passed in our backyard amongst bird song & sunbeams.

Yes ... my world has crumbled. There will be others dogs in my life, after all, there to many out there who need homes. I know Diesel, in his infinite wisdom & love, will guide my husband & I into choosing the *right* ones. There will be only ONE Diesel though ... and I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to know him & share in his love.

Good Night, baby boy! I will see you again.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Sox are finis - what is next?

Finally - a project that is finished!

I feel exhilarated & relieved that these socks are finally done! It took me one day shy of a month. Seriously, what is UP with that?? I knit them in a standard 3x1 rib, so they were EZ PZ. Yes, my feet are a size 10 ... but that isn't really *that* much extra knitting. In addition, I, per usual, made the cuffs shorter - I always fear I will run out of yarn. Size 10's can be ominous.

What is next for the needles you may ask?? Well, that wasn't a hard decision for me. Recently, I straightened the entire studio. Much to my surprise - I have over 40 projects awaiting my touch. That is a bit daunting .... but - I am neglecting all *those* to knit with these lovely colors!

These 2 lovely skeins of Peace Fleece & one lovely skein of my handspun/dyed yarn will become a wonderful dog sweater for K9KnittersUSA. This fine organization knits sweaters for sale!! The designs have been approved by the designers themselves for this purpose and this year - funds raised will be headed to "Vet Dogs" &/or "Best Friends Animals Sanctuary".

Peruse their site - check out their delightful doggie couture! I will be knitting a large sweater suitable for a greyhound ... ( hope Diesel doesn't get jealous! ) I am hoping the addition of my handspun will make it a truly unique piece.

Wheeeee .... off to ball these babies up! If those sox took me month, I dare not to think about this ................................ !

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Carding Kary

Dear Spring:

Your late arrival has me both flustered and weary. I am truly looking forward to your impending visit. I have missed your warm sunshine hugs terribly! While cherishing those longer days ... they are not as long as they could be as they don't seem to crawl out from under a mass of cloud cover.

While I do appreciate the rain, my feet are large enough: I do not wish them to sprout webs in order to maintain my daily routine. (Seriously, how would *I* knit socks for webbed-toes?)

I have 'upped' my Vitamin D intake - thoughts of sun screen are nothing more than a school girl dream.

The flowers look sad without your majestic presence! And baby leaves are just waiting to be born.

Each morning, outside with Diesel, 6 AM might bring a pretty sky - but even the birds do not chirp with their usual enthusiasm. Your sunshine is their caffeine! While I do appreciate the one male cardinal who sings to us each morning - I am thinking he is longing for a mate. At least, I hope he isn't mocking me in my PJs!

Yes Spring - you are both missed & needed. I need to see color and feel warmth. I love my woodstove - but, I would love to feel the warmth on my neck as I dig into the garden on one of your most glorious days.

I an effort to entice you ... here is some color!! Glorious color on a misty, gray, Spring Day. Now, won't you come out to play with me?? I have some Frosted Fairy Flakes waiting for you!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Sock completed

I honestly do not know why I am having such a hard time UPdating this BloG of late. I will *really*, REALLY, try to be more engaged in doing so. I dislike the fact that I can now think of 101 reasons why I do not accomplish my goals. Take away 'fluff' and it just gets down to plain distraction.

Recently, I reviewed my 2009 Goals: suffice to say, if I don't start cracking ... they may not be completed by 2010!

I am strong! I am woman! Hear me roar!! (Or in this case, see me being productive!) I finally finished the first sock from a specialty yarn created by Black Bunny Fibers! It was a yarn called "Audacity" - after Obama's second book. This wonderful yarn appeared during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

It was a limited run, so these sox will be treasured when completed.

One down, one to go! I am hoping to complete it this weekend - amongst some spinning & carding! Wish me luck & stay tuned. I am looking forward to posting A LOT more!