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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Sox are finis - what is next?

Finally - a project that is finished!

I feel exhilarated & relieved that these socks are finally done! It took me one day shy of a month. Seriously, what is UP with that?? I knit them in a standard 3x1 rib, so they were EZ PZ. Yes, my feet are a size 10 ... but that isn't really *that* much extra knitting. In addition, I, per usual, made the cuffs shorter - I always fear I will run out of yarn. Size 10's can be ominous.

What is next for the needles you may ask?? Well, that wasn't a hard decision for me. Recently, I straightened the entire studio. Much to my surprise - I have over 40 projects awaiting my touch. That is a bit daunting .... but - I am neglecting all *those* to knit with these lovely colors!

These 2 lovely skeins of Peace Fleece & one lovely skein of my handspun/dyed yarn will become a wonderful dog sweater for K9KnittersUSA. This fine organization knits sweaters for sale!! The designs have been approved by the designers themselves for this purpose and this year - funds raised will be headed to "Vet Dogs" &/or "Best Friends Animals Sanctuary".

Peruse their site - check out their delightful doggie couture! I will be knitting a large sweater suitable for a greyhound ... ( hope Diesel doesn't get jealous! ) I am hoping the addition of my handspun will make it a truly unique piece.

Wheeeee .... off to ball these babies up! If those sox took me month, I dare not to think about this ................................ !


Mishkat said...

I thought your title meant something else :) - and I was thinking "this early in the season?!

The sox look lovely to this size 9 person :)

Stasia said...

I am betting you will finish the dog sweater toute de suite, since I know how you are about DOGS! :) Lovely colors!