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Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Revelation

I am not living up to what I *can* do.

This is just a revelation that I made this week. I have known it for a while - but things like this are always more honest when shouted out to the World!

So - in that regard - I am taking a few days to actually do something! I hope it means that I will be creating ... and learning. I hope it means that I will walk for miles with my dog and appreciate my husband with zest. I hope it means that I will judge less and help more - whatever or whoever needs it. I hope it means that I will learn to accept me and find me - all at the same time! Oh ... and I hope to have photos too!

I think being totally absorbed in the dailies - I have forgotten how to BE. (So much for my time management skills!) I am just SO excited for these next few days - I truly think my head is going to BURST (in a good way though!!)

Funny that this quote just found its way to me:
"Plant seeds of expectation in your mind; cultivate thoughts that anticipate achievement. Believe in yourself as being capable of overcoming all obstacles and weaknesses." - Norman Vincent Peale. Hmmmm ......

So ... I will leave you with my latest creation (yep - I believe in myself ...ggg!) Blue States - it *is* almost election time!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can you Click for a pup in need??

I have been so incredibly busy of late ... that now, my body rebels with it's first FALL cold.

We are just 24 hours into this new season ... and well, I suppose I let myself get run down. Mom was right, I can't burn the candle at both ends. Sigh ....

One of the things that keeps me going is working for causes I believe in. There are many ....
That being said, today, I want to highlight one that is EZ PZ to help. No money is involved ... and *that* is SO cool in this trying economic time. This local dog rescue has the opportunity to win money from Care2. I do mean a LOT of money .... 10k to be exact.

The German Shepherd Rescue of New England helps this large breed of dog find their forever homes by carefully placing them with wonderfully matched families. Large breeds have a tendency to be over looked - it is fabulous that this rescue assists these beautiful animals!! Check out the beautiful dogs ... you will want one!

Money is tight for all of us at this time ... please help this rescue win funds so their wonderful work may continue! Please click today!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ready to SAVE 20%??

I mean really, with the stock market falling, the housing crisis and gas/oil prices SKY high ... saving 20% on anything seems like a Gift.

And when one celebrates a Birthday ... Gifts are abundant!!

Etsy For Animals (EFA) is celebrating it's FIRST Birthday. 180 members are participating in this glorious Festival of Savings ... and The Knotty Sheep is a typical party animal!!

Just use the coupon code " SHEEP " in the notes to seller section when you purchase any of my yarns and fibers! BAA-DA-Bing ... you will save 20%!! *You may request a revised invoice OR I will refund the difference bing-o bang-o!*

But...the cool thing is ... it doesn't stop there!! You may use that coupon code, "SHEEP" at any of the 180 shops!! Those Holidays are coming .... and take a peeky at all the FUN shops YOU can save at!!

(Yep ... I humbly request you use "SHEEP" as I would love to win a prize!! He/she who has the most coupon redemptions wins!!) So ... Be Knotty and Be Shoppie!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Yarn Collections

This weekend was a retreat of sorts. It was just me & my dog and a tropical storm called 'Hanna'.

I was expecting the worse ... and I was pleasantly surprised to find Miss Hanna a shy visitor. Rumor had it that she was to be a blow-hard and unfriendly - kind of like the mean girl on the play ground.

Instead - she announced her presence like a Hollywood has been and quickly retreated into the 'wings' once she had her say! "Au revoir, Mademoiselle Hanna!"

I was lucky. There are so many people in the Carribean, Mexico, Cuba, parts of the US and more - that have felt the force of Nature. She comes in different forms: hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires, earthquakes, blizzards ... there can be such devastation & loss.

Pray for those in harms way & and do be grateful for the opportunity to offer those prayers to the Heavens while Mother Nature does her thing. Faith & Hope are nice ladies to keep you company. Charity is too. And I must say, I am so proud that when there is a need ... most people truly deliver.

Knitting for charity has been an important part of my life. It allows me to do what I love & to allow those who are struggling to receive some warmth and the notion that someone, somewhere cares for them deeply.

I recently began spinning for charity too. And while I wish I could give buckets of yarn away ... that will have to wait for sometime in the future. (O Powerball, where are you?) For now, I am offering "Yarn Collections" at a truly reduced price!

"Turning Tides Collection" is 3 skeins of handspun "Maude" ... a columbia, romney, coopworth sheepie. 7 ounces of yarn for $24.44. (Don't ask about the weird amount, I thought it might be FUN!) Seriously ... I would charge pretty much double that if I hadn't been bitten by the charity knitting bug!
Like Autumn colors ... do check out the Fall Collection too!

Here in the US - summer storms are still around and winter storms are on the horizon - as I said: Faith, Hope & Charity are nice ladies to have around. Love is too - let's not forget to invite her.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

VOTE for ME!! VOTE for ME!!

It is September - WOW!! I am having a hard time believing it! This month will morph quickly to the next ... Halloween will be here ... then it will be time to VOTE for a US president ... then it is the Winter Holidays ......

WHOA Nellie!!! Did I mention voting???

I did - AND I need yours!!

I know I ask a lot of you in BloG Land ... shop my store ... sign petitions ... knit for those in need ... etc, etc. MoM always told me "I never hurts to ask" & recently I read someone that "Can't never did" (love this!) ... so, today I ask for your vote!

Being an Etsy member is grand - I have met many wonderful artists & animal lovers who are part of Etsy for Animals (EFA.) 28 of us are participating in a challenge to celebrate EFA's birthday. The challenge is - the item with the most votes wins!! AND I would love to win that $50 donation to my favorite animal charity!

My handpainted, "EFA Birthday Celebration" canvas tote is OOAK!

Visit this LINK! This Etsy forum thread will connect to to the voting booth - I am listed as ' theknottysheep ' ! If you do vote - please go back to the thread & leave an "I voted " comment - then you will be eligible to win a prize too. You do not have to purchase anything (unless you find said bag, and/or my yarns & fiber totally irresistible!)

Once again - I know I ask much of you ... I will try NOT to ask for anything else ... for at least 24 hours! Please vote ... this election runs thru 9/4!