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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

VOTE for ME!! VOTE for ME!!

It is September - WOW!! I am having a hard time believing it! This month will morph quickly to the next ... Halloween will be here ... then it will be time to VOTE for a US president ... then it is the Winter Holidays ......

WHOA Nellie!!! Did I mention voting???

I did - AND I need yours!!

I know I ask a lot of you in BloG Land ... shop my store ... sign petitions ... knit for those in need ... etc, etc. MoM always told me "I never hurts to ask" & recently I read someone that "Can't never did" (love this!) ... so, today I ask for your vote!

Being an Etsy member is grand - I have met many wonderful artists & animal lovers who are part of Etsy for Animals (EFA.) 28 of us are participating in a challenge to celebrate EFA's birthday. The challenge is - the item with the most votes wins!! AND I would love to win that $50 donation to my favorite animal charity!

My handpainted, "EFA Birthday Celebration" canvas tote is OOAK!

Visit this LINK! This Etsy forum thread will connect to to the voting booth - I am listed as ' theknottysheep ' ! If you do vote - please go back to the thread & leave an "I voted " comment - then you will be eligible to win a prize too. You do not have to purchase anything (unless you find said bag, and/or my yarns & fiber totally irresistible!)

Once again - I know I ask much of you ... I will try NOT to ask for anything else ... for at least 24 hours! Please vote ... this election runs thru 9/4!

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Christine said...

I voted!!

Beautiful work Kary, but then I'm biased, lol!