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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

5 POUNDS gone!

I did it! I did it!

Lost 5 pounds! Nope, don't mean weight ... I mean stash! Remember when I said I couldn't treat myself to any new yarn-yummies or patterns until I unloaded 5 pounds of stash? ... AND this could mean both from knitting yarn odds & ends as well as spinning some of the flock of fleeces I have snoozing in the studio ... just waiting to become something grand??

Well --- 5 pounds has been USED! Most of it went to charity knitting ... some ended up in skeins ... but either way - it does a body good to help others as well as to destash. Like losing any 5 pounds - I feel like I can move a lot easier - more lightly.

My last spinning endeavor went to my new "Yarn Collections". Geared towards the charity knitter who wants to dabble in handspun without emptying the piggy bank! Check out Fall.

AND - I did start a lace project too. This yarn came to me via another project - but, that project will come in time as they all do. After a slow start ... I am loving the German Shawl.

As the US winds down to Labor Day ... I just can't wait to just spin & knit in more comfortable temps!

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Chauncey said...

Hey Knotty, congrats on your *weight loss*!