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Friday, August 22, 2008

Nothing new in my world - You??

This week has flown by - I am not sure where it went. That troubles me as I am truly trying to savor the moments ... but this week, I don't remember them.

My mind is fuzzy with a cross of a 'summer cold' & allergies. DH is feeling the same way - so we are stumbling thru the daily jobs, chores & animal care. I am happy to report that at least I did some dyEing & I completed a pair of sox for Macuwita sni!

This weekend - it is supposed to be HOT once again. I am in the process of starting a shawl .... only if my fuzzy brain can figure out what ' 2 left twist (knit the last stitch from behind, leaving it on the left needle, knit the second to the last stitch & drop both stitches off the left needle' means. I am thinking that the last stitch should be knit thru the back loop?? Anyone??

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Kathleen said...

I think you're right. I've been sitting here playing with t, and It gives the result of part of a twist.