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Friday, August 08, 2008

Shelter Dogs are the Best!!

Shelter Dogs are the Best!!

But, what they go through, the stress they deal with, is truly h*ll on Earth.

My mind can not grasp the fact that someone would 'throw their dog away' - because it has become a chore, or an inconvenience. It gets back to what I said in my last post ... moments are either a chore or a gift, it is all a matter of perspective & attitude.

I recently purchased 2 books: "Shelter Dogs by Traer Scott & " One at a Time: A Week in an American Animal Shelter" by Marilee Geyer. Not for the faint of heart or those that believe that their disposable pet will find a forever happy home. Geyer's book notes that only 20% of those who enter the shelter system get adopted. Somehow, I feel *I* have a better chance of winning "Powerball" than most animals do making it out of a shelter alive.

As I continue my journey on this Planet ... I am beginning to realize that shelter dogs are playing an increasing importance in my Life. At this time ... only the Universe knows why. I know my heart will be broken, I know tears will be shed ... but, maybe, just maybe a few dogs & cats & all the others who make their home at a shelter ... will find their forever families soon if I work harder.

Which leads me to how YOU can help!
** Don't purchase a cat or dog from a pet store. Puppy Mill Awareness Day is September 20th. Yes ... those little kittens & puppies are adorable in those windows ... but, stop & think of their mothers ... who have to produce litter after litter and live in conditions that are just plain wretched.

**Volunteer at a shelter ... socialization is key to the animals ... see what is on their 'wish lists' ... is it food, $$ for medical treatment, toys, blankets??

**Shop at establishments that give back. There are plenty of artists on Etsy that do ... search EFA (Etsy for animals) in the 'tags' OR go directly to the EFA Shop! Not only are the artists fabulous - they also work long & hard to fight for & protect animals around the world!

EFA will be celebrating their first SHOP Birthday in September!! Do stay tuned - it is going to be a blast!


Mishkat said...

Kary, thanks so much for posting this. It's difficult for me to read, but it's information that we all need to be aware of!

You're the best :)

Vegan Mama said...

Great blog, love the pup's too :0)


Denise in Kent, WA said...

Twenty percent - what a sobering statistic! Awareness plays such a critical role in getting people to understand these issues; thanks for helping to spread the word.