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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I scored BIG TIME this Christmas! Woo-WHOO!

It does help when one buys their own gifties! DH is *good* ... but, never would he or could he purchase knitting or spinning goodies. Enter MOI!

Since I will be learning fair isle this year - might as well DIVE IN head first!


And - if you would be so kind as to CLICK for the animals - I would be as happy as an Elf swimming in NOG!! Merci!
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Sunday, December 25, 2005


Here is hoping that Santa left dreams in your stocking for a wonderfully Kreative New Year! Ho! Ho! HO!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

So, are you ready for your Holiday Celebrations?

I am getting there - although I have 101 ideas rolling in my head for next year. Truly, what is up with that?? I will be diving head first into fair isle in 2006. (At least as this writing, that is my intent.) Time changes feelings & desires. (Never mind the fact that I have 72 hats to go!)

But - look what my Secret Spindler Pal sent me!!! A Beautiful Spinnable from Grafton Fibers. Isn't it lovely? Won't this colorway look FABulous in fair isle?

Thank you so much SSP .... it an especially glorious gift since these books are finding their way under my tree!

There is still much to do in the 4 days remaining. But, there is always time to CLICK to help animals in need. (Thanks!)

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Things have been hectic. After all Christmas is just around the corner - there is still much to do! But, how I love the excitement and anticipation!!!

With all the running to and fro - I am beginning to feel like I *might* not accomplish my goal of 100 hats for Dulaan!! I figured that I should do 3 a week (minimum) in order to make the shipping deadline. This week, I have only been able to complete one! MoMMa Mia ... may the hat gods be with me!!

At least I only have one more Christmas giftie to do. One of those 'fun fur' scarves for my niece ... other than that, DH's hat is finis! (Remember, I spun the black blend yarn out of our doggie's fur?? AND - speaking of doggie fur - if you would be so kind as to click HERE - it helps animals in need! ) Well - here is DH's new chapeau - Comments, please!

Friday, December 09, 2005

HaPpY Friday to everyone. We are in the midst of a snowstorm - and I am absolutely delighted. What a glorious way to start the weekend! I know there are those who prefer warmer climates and sultry breezes - but, give me a good old fashioned
N'OReaster anyday! (Well, maybe except for Christmas!)

Speaking of Christmas .... for those searching for a gift for the knitter/dog lover ... you must get this Calendar! How cute ... pups posing for charity as well as wee doggie knitted sweaters!

And, while I am mentioning pups - please click HERE! It is fast, FREE, and it sure does help!

Now, just to let you know I haven't been swilling the NOG (all week .... ggg!) ... I completed my 21st hat for Dulaan AND I spun this dandy! "An Angel's Nightgown" contains shredded bits of vintage linens and it is HUGE .... Comments, Please!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Last week, I finished my 20th hat for Dulaan! I am *really* excited. Tonight - I will spin as I just learned, 8 fleeces are to arrive from the processor ANY day now. MoMMa Mia!

Yes ... I should be dyEing & carding. But, to make room in the studio - one must decrease the stash!! So, I will spin, in order to knit. Not so bad.

But, in a shameless self-plug ...AND - for your viewing pleasure .... I would like to present Sliding Down Stars!
I am drawing your attention to my fiber art as I am donating 5% of my sales to Noah's Wish. If you scroll down on the left side of my BloG - you will notice that in 2004, I donated $300+ to Heifer International. In 2005, $300 to Southeast Llama Rescue. I am stuck in the 300's ... so *this* year - I want to kick fiber butt!! I want to donate MORE!! It is always a good time to cyber-shop! Retail therapy, anyone?? Comments - please!

Friday, December 02, 2005

To start off this message - I ask that you CLICK to help the animals!! Thanks!

Now for the post!! December is here!! I am excited as I LOVE Christmas! Over the last few years, I have been searching for ways to recapture that feeling of Christmas from childhood. After school, I would always check under the tree to see if MoM had added any new presents. I knew the location of each brightly wrapped box - and if there was movement (ie: more gifts added!) - I knew.

Since I am the one who now adds those brightly wrapped boxes .... I still know the locations to which they reside. This year, I will find mitten kits AND hat kits all in fair isle! I am still shopping .... WhEEE! ... and still searching for the *magic*!

I was HaPpY to learn that I was a winner in Christine's Thankful Contest! .... surprises are coming! YiPpEE!!

This week I happened to finish my 18th hat for Dulaan!! I am making all different sizes to accomodate all sized heads. Maybe if I conquer fair isle - I can do fancy mittens next year. But, I digress - this year is all about the HATS and I am loving using my handspun! Pictured is hat #18 with a freshly spun skein of romney wool and silk .... comments, please!