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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

So, are you ready for your Holiday Celebrations?

I am getting there - although I have 101 ideas rolling in my head for next year. Truly, what is up with that?? I will be diving head first into fair isle in 2006. (At least as this writing, that is my intent.) Time changes feelings & desires. (Never mind the fact that I have 72 hats to go!)

But - look what my Secret Spindler Pal sent me!!! A Beautiful Spinnable from Grafton Fibers. Isn't it lovely? Won't this colorway look FABulous in fair isle?

Thank you so much SSP .... it an especially glorious gift since these books are finding their way under my tree!

There is still much to do in the 4 days remaining. But, there is always time to CLICK to help animals in need. (Thanks!)

Comments, please!


Berti said...

Dear kary

Aren't the colours lovely......glad you agree hehe....
No time to get bored during holidays.

Have a lovely warm cosy holiday season and big warm hugs
your SSP

Birdsong said...

Very pretty fiber! I am quite intrigued by the Magnificent Mittens book as well; will check back and see what you produce in your Fair Isle flush. Happy
Winter Solstice - long nights are made for knitting.