The Knotty Sheep Shop

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Moving ... On!

Moving from one state to another is challenging. I haven't moved locations for 17 years, so the accumulation of 'stuff' is shall we say ... 'huge'.

Knitting/spinning & art supplies alone constitute an "18-wheeler." But, little by little, they are making their way across state lines.

Most of my fiber books are already nestled in their new home.

My pattern collection takes up some space too.

Since the yarn/fiber stash is extensive - I have decided to record how much I knit (and its weight) until our present house is sold. The house is not on the market as of this writing & I am unsure as to when it will be ready to list! With that being said ... my first items are finished and ready to mail to the "Christmas at Sea" program. These 2 scarves weigh 8 oz! I probably have 80 pounds left to go! WhEEEEE! This is going to be fun!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


September is one of my most favorite months. I am quite confident that I repeat myself yearly on this fact. I think for me it is a time when I get a ton of stuff done. My way of celebrating cooler temperatures & 'fallish' colors. I think I am thanking God for them both as well!

It is also a great time of reflection. My daily routine relaxes the tiniest of bits as I rejoice in morning coffee in the sleepy sun. The dogs rest comfortably on cushions after their walk instead of panting on cold tile in efforts to cool down quickly. Yes, September is an awesome month!

Of course, knitting takes center stage. A few weeks from now, woolies will be needed for those dog walks; trips to the bus stop; raking of leaves; football; and all those fun activities enjoyed only in the fall. If you could just stop for a moment and realize all those in need who could use a warm scarf; a pair of mittens; a hat or socks ... you would be overwhelmed.

One of the many things I LOVE about knitters & the fiber community is their commitment to share. I have just completed 2 scarves for the Christmas at Sea program. These were knit out of handspun & will be mailed out early next week.

I am currently in the process of knitting another scarf for Outreach to Appalachia.

Whatever your fancy - I do hope you will take a moment to knit something for someone somewhere. This world sure could use YOUR talent & YOUR good vibes to make a heart warm & a smile shared.