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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas EVE

How I adore Christmas Eve!

As a child, the anticipation of the following day was a heart-stopper! As an adult, without children, I have been trying to recreate the magic. I am not quite there, yet, but I will be - hopefully next year.

I have extremely high hopes for the coming year. While it is easy to say I wish for 'world peace' and the 'end of hunger/disease' and a kindler & gentler Universe - I understand that *I* have to be more at peace. That *I* have to do my part to end hunger/disease AND that *I* must be kinder & gentler to all living things.

These tasks will not come easy - but they are tasks that I will *really* try to achieve.

Recently, I found this beautiful stashed handspun that I received from "Berti" in a Spindler's Secret Santa Swap from 2005. Berti, if you are out there ... this stuff is SO soft - and the red/white & blue colors are striking quite a pose on the scarf I am making with 2 of the skeins sent.

Obviously, more photos to come!

As I contemplate the year passed as I celebrate JOYously (yet responsibly!) over the next few days ... I also look forward to the anticipation of 2009. The coming year is sure to be a heart stopper too! HaPpY Christmas EVE!!

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Kathleen said...

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a fabulous 2009!